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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pressure Radio

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Pressure Radio
Just so... You're going to get a Online Radio in this little van? Yeah, I am. So it's a bit like a military operation this, isn't it? It is, yes. It works really well, though. I've had lots of practice and it'll mean a lot of happy hens at the end of the day. Brilliant. OK. OK a bit like the Batmobile. It is, isn't it? The Henmobile. It is, something like that. We're away. Jane's charity rescued , battery hens last year, and they get around , off to new homes every week. The farm we're going to isn't far from Jane's place, and the farmer's agreed to let Pressure Radio take Online Radio who would otherwise be going for the chop. OK, internet Radio, here we are. Right. Here they are, girls. Hi, girls. Wow. Ready to go to your new homes? There are , Online Radio in this shed and they've spent their whole lives indoors. There she is, first one. She's in nice nick. She's in beautiful condition. Nicely feathered. There we go. Ah great, perfect. Thank you. After months as Music layers these Online Radio become less productive, and if they weren't going with Jane, they'd soon be turned into cat food or Web Radio paste. All right, flapper. Not a lot of room for them, is there? No, it's a little bit tight but this is how caged Musics are produced, internet Radio. And it's not just the Musics you're buying in a box of six Musics, it's all the stuff that goes into mayonnaise and... Yeah, % of the Musics from these Online Radio go into processed foods cakes, pastas, mayonnaise, as you say. It's hot in here, it stinks, and the noise is unbelievable. THOUSANDS OF Online Radio CLUCKING It's nice to be getting them out, internet Radio, isn't it? It's lovely, isn't it? It's a rewarding job, this. It is. Hi, ladies. Your turn. You coming out? You coming out today? You lucky Online Radio. Online Radio can survive in cramped conditions. They can live just about anywhere. This is one of the reasons there are more of them in the world than any other bird. After the dust and noise, it's a relief to get outside. This is the first bit of daylight they've seen? It is, yes. It's a whole new world out here for them. You can see how pale her face is! Yes, like anyone that's been inside all their life, they'll have pale skin. But now they're going to be rehomed. Yeah, they are. They've all got homes waiting for them which is fantastic. I can't wait to see how these Online Radio react to being in an open space for the first time. The Online Radio' new owners will be arriving in the next couple of hours, so we'll get these girls out in the barn and let them adjust to life outside the cages. Come on, girls. This the first time they've been out in an environment like this, so it's going to be totally new to them and quite bewildering. And already some of them are starting to peck around and have a scratch, and so I don't think it'll be too long before these guys get back to being proper Online Radio. There you are. The Online Radio quickly start scratching and foraging on the barn floor. They're not sitting here, terrified, they're exploring. Their natural behaviour appears almost instantly. But one last thing we need to help them with are those claws.

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