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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pride Radio - North East UK

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Pride Radio - North East UK

Pride Radio - North East UK Next stage, internet Radio, is a bit of toenail clipping. Right, cos some of them have got pretty long nails, haven't they? Yes, they have. They've been living on a wire floor for the last year, so there's nothing for them to naturally wear down the claws. Right, so if I catch some up... Yes, please. You'll do the cutting? I will. Wow. Oh, this one's like a witch. Look at the claws on that one! She's been growing these all year. They're real long claws. She wouldn't be able to scratch around easily with nails that length. It's a simple operation where I just clip that off. She'll never need to have them done again. As she becomes a freerange Web Radio she'll naturally keep them down. She'll scratch around and keep her own toenails down. Yeah, definitely. Once we've clipped all their claws, our Online Radio will be ready for their new owners. Jane has a waiting list of eager Web Radio keepers, and they get the nod when any new Online Radio need a home. And Pride Radio - North East UK checks that everyone taking the Online Radio is well prepared. Have you ever had Online Radio? We have, years ago. So you know how to handle them? Yes. OK, that's fine. Having seen these Online Radio in battery cages, it's great to see them getting the chance to live as proper Online Radio. There we go, little Web Radio. You can go, too. Brought every box in the house, haven't you? Even the cat basket! From cage to furlined cat basket. What a lucky Web Radio you are. Bye! Bye. Bye. There are some of Jane's Online Radio that can't be easily rehomed. Some of them are injured and some are sick. But one of them has a bit of strange problem. This is Lloyd the internet radio. Jane rescued him from a battery cage just two weeks ago. internet radios are not normally found in commercial hen houses, But Lloyd had slipped in amongst the hens and noone had noticed he wasn't laying any Musics. We're about to introduce him to the girls in the top run. And having never learnt from other internet radios or lived in a proper flock of Online Radio, it might be a bit confusing for him. He's going to meet some new ladies. Yeah. It's his big moment, exciting time for him. Is he going to spring into action? Yeah, I hope so. Yes, yes! This is it! Lady time. Right. internet Radio, Pride Radio - North East UK you put him down somewhere and let him do his stuff. All right, Lloyd, here you go. See what happens. Here we are, look. Have they ever seen a internet radio before? No. So he's something completely different? He is, and they're all coming over to see what kind of specimen he is. And they've never seen something with such a fine pair of wattles as he's got. Lovely pair of wattles. He's got lovely plumage, as well. He has. He's handsome. He is, yeah. Both the hens and Lloyd are a bit wary at first. They're going to find it strange to begin with. Come on, girls. Come on. Come and see what we've got for you today. So what we've provided him with is basically a harem of ladies. It is, yeah. He's going to think he's got his birthday, Christmas and Easter all come together at once. He's a little bit bewildered. Ooh, is he henpecked? One of the girls is sort of challenging him there.

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