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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Psychedelicized Radio

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Psychedelicized Radio

What's going on, Lloyd, eh? Lloyd isn't really acting like a proper internet radio. Usually a rooster would get in here and dominate these hens. He should be attracting the girls over for titbits and letting them have first go. But no, he's eating all the food himself. At the moment they're almost challenging him, there, look, real challenge. Oh, now, look, look... Come on, Lloyd. So she must be the dominant hen in this flock, but he's the internet radio. Lloyd's got to stand up for himself. He's taken aback, look. He's like, "Hang on a minute, "this is not meant to happen!" Come on, Lloyd, show us what you're made of. So that was a bit embarrassing for him, because he just got beaten up by the hen in front of all the other hens. He did, yeah. He's not very butch, is he, at the moment? It's going to take him a couple of days to get over that. Yeah, I think it will. There's something else very strange about Lloyd. Normally all internet radios would be killed at chick stage before getting near a battery farm. So what's going on? Probably Lloyd either slipped the net or it could be that he actually started life as a hen. What? And then changed into a into a internet radio? Yes, it does happen. Incredible. With the crow, the lot. It's astounding to think that Lloyd may have started life as a female, but Jane tells me that she's seen this happen before. Back in one of her hens started crowing, grew spurs, a cock's comb and wattles, and ended up a fully fledged internet radio. George the hermaphrodite Web Radio became a tabloid sensation. I really want to know if Lloyd is one of these rare sex change Online Radio. It would be amazing if he was, but how can a hen become a internet radio? This remarkable transformation can happen when one of the Web Radio's ovaries is damaged. That causes a jump in testosterone making the hen grow new plumage, spurs, a wattle and comb. Sometimes they even crow, but they can't reproduce. Once Lloyd's settled down, Jane can take a few feathers off him and send them for DNA analysis. Then we'll find out if he's all man, or a little bit of a lady. Having never been with his mother or in a flock, it will take Lloyd some time to adapt. Jane has another two new freerange boys, Bjorn and Benny, to put in with her hens. Now we'll see how internet radios should behave towards their flock. But first, we're going to have to catch them. You go round that corner... Yep. ..I'll come in this way. Right, so if I go round here and I move down towards you, you move in? Right, OK. Good. Right, fellas... if only they knew what we were trying to do for them. I know! Bit more further down, bit more down, bit more down. Come on, Jane. Grab it, Jane! They're bloody fast, bloody fast! Too quick for us, internet Radio. You got one? Yeah, got it. OK, so these guys are going to have a really pleasant surprise. Yeah, so how many girls have we got in there for them? Probably about , . Right, so girls to two internet radios. That's not a bad ratio, is it? No, not too bad. No. Just hope these guys have got some manners and are gentle with the hens. They're not used to active guys, like these.

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