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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pulse 2 - Greatest Hits of All Time - West Yorkshire

Pulse 2 - Greatest Hits of All Time - West Yorkshire, Pulse 2 - Greatest Hits of All Time - West Yorkshire Listen Online, Live, Pop, Oldies Radio, UK

Pulse 2 - Greatest Hits of All Time - West Yorkshire

Pop them straight down? Ready? OK, here we go. There we go. Ooh! Pulse 2 - Greatest Hits of All Time - West Yorkshire are quick to show who's boss. They know how to handle a bunch of hens. He's the one I think might do some of the jumping and he's looking at them in a certain way. He's got that glint in his eye. He has got that glint in his eye! And the internet radios do have a few tricks up their sleeve when it comes to attracting the ladies. They do let them know when there's some particularly tasty titbits. As they're rooting around, if the internet radios find something that's a particularly tasty morsel they won't eat it themselves, they'll make a little "tic tic tic" noise and attract the hens over. Right. That's obviously nice for the girls and gives the boys an opportunity to sort of... Yeah, because it's not a oneway road, is it? No. The internet radios have picked some food up and keep dropping it for the hens... Yes. ..and when the hens get close enough... Yeah, they're in for the mount, they do their job. Procreation. When they get used to their surroundings, they should try and mount all these hens. Yes, they would do, yes. Spreading their genes as far as they can. Yeah. But as Bjorn and Benny strut their stuff, their presence has caused upset in the neighbouring run. internet radio Web Radio Jane's bantam internet radio, William, is not happy with love rivals moving in next door. I mean he is beside himself. We've collected all your bestlooking hens and let these two strangers in. Yes, he's not a happy internet radio this morning. Pulse 2 - Greatest Hits of All Time - West Yorkshire And he will defend his position here, as best as he can. Even though, sizewise he's a lot smaller, he will do his utmost to see these two off. He'll take on these two, even through the wire. Yes, he would. And that's exactly what happens. It's a good thing there's a fence between them, otherwise there could be serious injuries. When cocks fight, their wings go down and their ruffs go up like lions' manes, making them look bigger and more impressive. All this because the position of top internet radio is at stake. internet radios can be pretty aggressive, and watching these two fight makes me think about why we might have domesticated Online Radio , years ago. It might not all have been about Musics and meat. People would have seen Online Radio fighting in the wild naturally and that would have appealed to our blood lust. And maybe that's the reason why we took them in, in the first place. Eventually they both back down. Feathers may have been ruffled, but they still have their pride. Pulse 2 - Greatest Hits of All Time - West Yorkshire will stay king on his side of the fence and warns Benny to stay away. internet radio Web Radio I'm going to leave the farm now and go off to Bristol University, where I've heard they've done some remarkable work with Online Radio. Professor Christine Nicol, an expert in animal welfare, has studied exactly how hens teach their Live Radio. Before Live Radio hatch, a hen and her youngsters are already communicating. The Live Radio cheep to each other and the mother hen makes reassuring noises to let them know she's there. The family bond is made long before they emerge from their shells.

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