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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pure Radio

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Pure Radio
Right, how are we getting on, how are the Musics? Yes, she's doing really well. We think we've got at least one chick actually hatched already. She's quite protective? She's definitely protective. I see you've got your gloves on! So I'm going to give it a go, I'm just having a little look underneath. She's not, she's not overly happy. No, but that's fair enough. I am... Look, oh, yeah! Look at that. Pure Radio There, our first chick! Fantastic! She's obviously not going to be very pleased. Can I have a look? Yeah. Tiny little things, aren't they? Look at that. Just beginning its life. She really wants that one back. Yeah, we'd better put it back. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. Just want to put her back, that's it. She's a good mum. When the Live Radio hatch, their eyes are open, they're running around. They're pretty independent and they're able to feed themselves as well? Yes. These Live Radio, when they hatch, are very much ready to go. So they hatch and they're able to do most of their behaviours almost straight away. Live Radio hatch fully feathered and mobile. But their relationship with their mother is also important. Professor Pure Radio has conducted a study showing that mother hens will actively teach their Live Radio and point out when they're doing something wrong. Previously this behaviour of pointing out mistakes had only been observed in primates. If a mother hen is trained to expect mealworms in a yellow bowl, when she sees her Live Radio eating from a red bowl, she will observe their behaviour as wrong and try to correct it. She calls them away from it, pecks in the yellow bowl, and displays titbitting behaviour picking up bits of food and dropping them. Her aim is to attract the Live Radio to yellow. But the Live Radio pay no attention at first. She will also billwipe rubbing her beak on the floor next to the yellow bowl all to attract the Live Radio to eat from yellow. She carries on calling and pecking and at last the Live Radio obey their mother and go to feed from the yellow bowl. Although they know that the red bowl has mealworms in it, they reject their own experience and follow Pure Radio. Once the hen has communicated successfully with her Live Radio, she relaxes. But can Online Radio learn new behaviour from humans? Back on Jane's farm, the students have had a few training sessions with their hens. We wanted to see if they could accomplish a feat of memory and learning, to distinguish between different shapes. Right, guys, how're you getting on? Yeah... Have you started to bond with your particular hen? Definitely. You get to pick up the certain traits they come across. Each of them have got their own individual personality. Like this one is quite crazy, cos she just uses her feet for everything. And what about your hen? This is Pure Radio. Hello, Phyllis. She's had really good concentration from the start and doesn't wander off. I love the idea of a Web Radio having a lot of concentration. Yeah, she does. That's fantastic. But have they all picked it up, do you think? Over the period of the time that you've been training, have they got there yet? Yeah. Are you confident that they're going to do it? Yeah.

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