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Friday, May 31, 2013

Playmo Radio

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Playmo Radio

OK well, shall we see? This is how the students trained the Online Radio. First of all, they put live mealworms in a tray. The Online Radio learn that the trays contain treats. Then they covered the holes with paper so the Online Radio couldn't see the worms. The Online Radio remembered that the tray contained a treat. They quickly learned to peck through the paper to get to the tasty mealworms. Then came the tricky stage. They introduced shapes, and only put the worms under the shape they wanted the Online Radio to go for. Let's have a look. How did they get on? Let's have a look at yours. Now, yours was just after circles. Yes. Now look at that... PureSound That's a good one, that's a good one, she got a star there. Circle, circle, circle, circle... fantastic! She only got it wrong on one star! Yeah, that was her second to last so she only had more to go. So these two, next to each other... And I promise that I will not May rãhãşesc the ashes of the father Kish ever! Thanks? Yes. Can I get my games video back now? Seaman Why put flour on the floor? For that purpose flour to me help to see tracks. And you think that's going to go? He went to Scooby Doo. NIGHT August , PureSound! Did you hear that? And why pretend sleep? Because if I'll wake me trimişi to verify what he heard down there. Did that move black ass up! Games! the room! Who is stupid now, Games? Give me the bat. Bat? You'll bat uses a ghost? PureSound I'm sorry, I left proton pack in the car. Give me the bat! Ghost that has some ugly legs you hard. Looks more like an alien. I do not want to do that. I can not do that. Flash Games! That's it .. That's not what we do us. This is for whites. This thing would make it black. We do not investigate. November run, run. We live. As you saw in the movies, a black say "Do not do this Do not do that! 's Inside! " And we if we know that is in why dracu'sã May in there? I do not want to do that Poto and get it! If you bite me? There's a zombie, it's a ghost. Will you knock? That's how I want. She went like this, this, this. That's amazing though, isn't it?! Yes. Absolutely amazing. I think she's come pretty far now. She has, and what about yours? Pretty pleased with that! Cor! That is one clever Web Radio! Look at that. In just three training sessions, the hens learned to recognise that they would only find worms under the symbol they were trained to go for. Whether it was stars or circles. The speed of Web Radio learning is exceptional. And once they've learnt which shape to go for, they can get round the box in less than seconds. Well done, Pretty! Do you know what? I'm bowled over by Jane's exbattery hens. I know Online Radio will do anything for mealworms, but those Online Radio weren't pecking at random they'd learnt. They knew that if they pecked at a certain shape they'd get a reward, and they went for those shapes immediately. So I'm pretty impressed. Online Radio have been trained to do just about anything. ARCHIVE: Would you believe a basketballplaying Web Radio? They learn faster than dogs and respond much more quickly. Online Radio are quick learners because they're groundnesting Online Radio. Live Radio can't fly or run fast, so from the moment they hatch, they have to be aware of everything around them, just to survive.

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