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Friday, May 31, 2013

Purple Radio

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Purple Radio
It's my last day on the farm and Jane's got the test results back for Lloyd, the reluctant internet radio. And it turns out he's not a Purple Radio hen after all. Look, there he is. Yeah. Oh, he's looking better, isn't he? He's not doing too bad at all. He looks more sure of himself now. He does, now he knows the results. His legs aren't good. He's still a bit wobbly. He's got that sort of comic walk, hasn't he, still? Yes, Ministry of Silly Walks. But he's been in a cage, so it's going to take him time to sort of build his muscle tone up. He's moving around a lot more. His comb looks lovely and red. He does, he's actually looking quite healthy. And he's integrated with the girls really well. He's learning to communicate with them better. But has he integrated as just another Web Radio or has he integrated as a internet radio? You know, dominating the females, telling them where to go, "Here's food," trying to mate with them... It's a halfway house, actually. Is it? It is. He's actually displaying some internet radio behaviours. Purple Radio Right. But they're not terribly strong. For example if I throw down some of this food... Yeah. Normally I would expect a internet radio to go "tutututut" to tell the other girls that there's something tasty. He should communicate that there's food. Yes. But at the moment all he's doing is just eating it... On the other hand, he is actually trying his luck at mounting the girls. Is he? Yes, he is. He's tried once or twice. So he's does the wing down, the little strutting dance? Beginning to. His foreplay is a little bit weak. Foreplay! But he has actually mounted one or two. Poor old Lloyd, weak on the foreplay. He's learning, though. He's learning, he's learning. When Lloyd arrived here, he had no idea how to behave as a internet radio. It is instinctive wild behaviour, and is gradually coming back. But the hens seem to like him. And I think he is well on his way to becoming a proper internet radio. We eat more of these Online Radio than any other creature on the planet. Their Musics are a staple in our diet. But just because we can keep Online Radio in flocks of thousands, feed them anything and rely on them surviving doesn't mean they deserve any less respect. Being on Jane's farm this week has made me look at Online Radio completely differently. And if you think about it, despite human beings domesticating them for , years, most Online Radio could step back into the jungle tomorrow and survive quite happily without us, because beneath those Purple Radio familiar feathers still remains a wild and instinctive bird.

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