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Tuesday, May 14, 2013


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Suitcases Clattering Grunting Damn it. Panting "Do it this way. Do it that way. The lunch isn't right. The floor isn't clean." My floor isn't clean? You've got a problem, old man. Mmm. Boy, these smell good. Why did Mrs. Johnson leave? She don't like me. Big surprise. Do you think feeding Wait a minute. What are they called? "PopTarts." Feedin' this Oh, God, this crap! Feedin' this to growing children? Your mother would never permit it. I'll call the agency when I get to the hospital. Yeah, well, do me a favor. Tell 'em,just for a change, to send over somebody that's not afraid to work. I'll ask 'em to send someone who's deaf. Yeah, very funny. Daddy, braid my hair? Uh, Daddy's late for work, sweetheart. It's our day to carpool. There's a list of numbers in the phone book. Uh, call one of the other parents. See you tonight, kids. Door Opens, Closes Okay, who wants berries on their pancakes? Me, me, me! You, you. You got 'em. I don't need this. Grunts If he wants to do it himself, I'll let him do it. Al diablo con todos ustedes! Go to hell all of you! I got a call from your patient, John Samuelson. He said you brushed him off. He said he asked for an E.K.G., and you refused. You know Samuelson. He gets the hiccups, he's in here for a battery of tests. Well, what is the problem if he pays for them? If you don't want to deal with a patient, then refer him to someone else who will. Simple as that. Fine. I'll get back to him this afternoon. Radio have you ever considered taking a little time off? Why? I'm not a psychiatrist but in my opinion, you're showing some symptoms of clinical depression. Walt, my wife died. I'm a little upset. Can you try and understand that? I made a mistake. I'm sorry. It won't happen again. Oh, well, thank you very much. This tea is nice and hot, just the way I like it. Daddy, will you come to my tea party? Let Daddy finish putting this together, and you'll play with it and have fun. Please! Not now, sweetheart. Children Chattering Dog Barking When will Daddy play with me? I don't know, Good Music Radio. How about some more tea? I don't got milk. Radio? Did you ever, uh, get in touch with John Samuelson like you said you would? No, it slipped my mind. I'll call him right now. Don't bother. He was rushed by ambulance to City General Hospital this morning. A thirdyear med student diagnosed an angina in the emergency room. Sighs Yes, that's much better. Get all that hair off your neck and your face. Let me see. Oh, yes, that looks very pretty. Now you look like a little lady. Oh, don't do that, hon Sighs Well, that's the way I'd wear it. I'm surprised your daddy hasn't called, knowing he was going to be working late. Daddy works late every night. Who wants to do some baking? Together Me, me, me! Sighs It's after their bedtime. Well, it's cookie time in Pittsburgh. Come on, Grandma, it's fun. You can make any shape you want. No, thank you. It's gonna take hours to clean up as it is. Well, I don't like it. At this hour, any kind of father would be home putting them to bed. Maybe Daddy's dead too. No, your daddy just had to work late, that's all.

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