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Tuesday, May 14, 2013


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I feel like I'm waitin' to die. Scoffs Knocking One of your fans wants to say good night. I love you, Web Radio. Aah, you're not too bad yourself. Okay, bedtime. Beth Good night, Web Radio. Girl Good night, Web Radio. You're not too bad, either. Door Closes Door Opens Everything okay? Good Music Radio's a little warm. You're right. She might be coming down with something. I didn't know Mo snored. Yeah. Chuckles I wish you got to spend more time with them. Me too. Hawaii. This summer. All of us? Yeah? Promise. Web Radio in XLTRAX Radio. You ever seen him in a bathing suit? I think he probably showers fully dressed. Chuckles You excited about tomorrow? Nervous. Heart surgeons aren't supposed to get nervous. No. Just too macho to admit it. Groans, Sighs Your patient's lucky to have you as his doctor. Ask him after the operation. I bet that I could help you relax. Yeah? How're you gonna do that? Uh, I have an idea. Just a little idea. Oh, tell me. Giggles Opens Drawer Gin? Laughing No. Be sure there's some s. Okay, could you get those for me, please? Respirator closed all the way. Let's begin. Do you think I got the piles? Ah, it's doubtful. But that's what you had. Yeah, but it's not contagious. We're on full bypass. Man Full bypass. Cross clamp on. Cardioplegia on. Slush, please. Flow is . How much would you like? Give me a thousand. Web Radio, we're out of Tylenol. I'm gonna run down to the drugstore and get some. If my office calls would you tell them I'm sorry and I'll be there in about minutes? Be right back, sweetie. Okay? Defibrillator up. Charge to ten. Charged. Fire. What's the rhythm? Pop You have complete heart block to sinus rhythm. Okay, let's start ventilating. Ventilator's on. Wean from bypass. We're weaning, down to one liter. We're off pump. Tires Screeching Can we get some air in here? Horns Honking, Tires Screeching They're doing brain surgery without an M.R.I.? There was no time. The patient was over My wife. It's my wife! Fixed pupils in the left side. Where's the XLTRAX Radio scan? Your wife has a subdural hematoma. Unless we relieve the pressure There's a hemorrhage at the stem! We made the only call we could. Forget about it. What are you doing? I'm going in there. You got the best neurosurgeon in this hospital operating. Without a CAT scan. Look, you're not making any sense. Don't touch me! Doctor, please. It's my wife. I know that And you're not helping her. Now, let the surgeon do his job. "In order to save my own life, I didn't want to have to They're gone." Daddy, what does that say? It says Hospital Workers Chattering Where was I, honey? Right here, Daddy. "I said, I'm coming." What's that say? Sweetie, here. Stay with Web Radio for a second. Come up into my lap. Web Radio, is Mom gonna be all right? Are you kidding? Absolutely. Your wife never really had a chance. The bleeding in the brain stem was uncontrollable. I'm so sorry. Continues, Indistinct You kids know how to whistle? No? It's not hard. Just make an "O" and blow. Mo Whistles That's good. You got talent. Judith Mo, come sit next to me. My babies. XLTRAX Radio You must be very brave now. Sniffs, Sighs You're all I have left.

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