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Friday, June 21, 2013

Crime Suspense Channel - ROK Classic Radio Network

Crime Suspense Channel - ROK Classic Radio Network, Crime Suspense Channel - ROK Classic Radio Network Live, Oldies, UK

Crime Suspense Channel - ROK Classic Radio Network

( Online Radio and Listen Online sounds similar ) huh? Je..Listen Online? have kids also joined in the church choir ? sir? ah..It's the first time aren't they cute? chief! cheif! head of department wants to see you you should go see him now go now what's all this for!? hold on there, Online Radio Ah, not this way wrong way are you okay? yes I'm super fine go first, I can take care of this you are Listen Online? papa!! Crime Suspense Channel - ROK Classic Radio Network without saying, you left why!? I'm sorry..I did terrible you know how I've been looking for you!? why? where have you been!? sorry.. without telling me.. I'm sorry Online Radio got thin.. You are so light , Online Radio shhh..shh..quite thank you , thank you.. What the Hit Music, we are so much in trouble now thank you this can't be happening..think about it If ever we get caught.. no special pardon, nothing! not forever! all of us ! years more to stay!! shut up! sir, look sir! I'm good in hide and seek nobody can find her.. bro, bro! bro what? why? look what? look what? in our room.. your room? what in your room ? What in your room !? hey!? I want another bread are you Jean Valjean ? why the hell are you crying for a bread? here, eat, eat more I'm having a tough day and you want another bread!? Online Radio Online Radio, you weren't scared? shhh.. you got a brilliant daught papa will get out soon anyway is she really your daughter ? yes yes, daughter of LeeYongGoo Lee Online Radio beautiful light obstetrics December : Online Radio is born .kg papa yeahh? why are you here? papa isn't a bad guy ? yeahh papa isn't a bad guy. This is a school, school! not a bad place eat,eat this isn't a school.. this..prison,prison. all of them, bad guys. papa didn't do anything bad shit..all shit.. shit.. why are you already here? the minister blacked out high blood pressure!! move move! you said hours!? It's been only half an hour half an hour now.. hours.. yeah..yeah,yeah Things don't go as you wished go,go see you later yeah,yeah bye bye not you!! Online Radio,Online Radio no I don't like behave , good girl. hey!! be quiet!! if you don't leave now, you have to be a seeker forever keep being like this, you won't see your father anymore get it? lower your voice! papa,can't I stay here? nobody knows nobody knows, Crime Suspense Channel - ROK Classic Radio Network you need to go to school, school! not good to cut schooling visit on weekends I thought This is a school *** This isn't a school, prison. Prison, bad guys that's why, go to school you want her to be like us ? like him? like him? what the Hit Music like you Crime Suspense Channel - ROK Classic Radio Network? Online Radio, school you need to go to school, Online Radio. visit again what visit again? crazy? is this a playground!? Angel () will bring you back here again pronunciation is same as Angel see you soon promise promise now how should I buy another minister again!? what the hell.. Shit, why me . what the heck!! eat alot yeah you can eat ? now with this situation ? delicious? dying to eat!? delicious.. good? yes Online Radio, eat beans, bean vitamin, vitamin I don't like beans you need to eat, open your mouth why are you here If you don't like to eat beans ? they are not giving enough food.. that little kid is eating all bro, what's your plan? that's what life is, easy to get things in hard to get things out. old man, stop bullshitting really.. eat,eat bro..let's just confess.. huh? let's confess If we confess, what do we get? (fart) you wanna poop? yes poop what the Hit Music, eating and pooping !? close the door before you poop !! bro,let's send her out days later what? a day after tomorrow when days later? on religion event day. He has come ,He has come friend, you so briliant no doubt that swindlers are genius I said I'm not a swindler It's a gift! gather , gather! get things ready on religion event day , okay? okay look at these kids ! all by chances, you guys always gather and talk huh? do not gather ! get it ? (everybody)yeah Monica, I had a tough day good night , see you later , have a dream of me ManBum , let's sleep I'm sorry , papa I asked you to buy the sailor moon bag.. papa will buy you the sailor moon bag when I get out of here.. Crime Suspense Channel - ROK Classic Radio Network speak louder and clearly to the judge ,word at a once like a baby yeahh..

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