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Friday, June 21, 2013

British Comedy Channel - ROK OTR

British Comedy Channel - ROK OTR, British Comedy Channel - ROK OTR Live, Oldies, Comedy, UK

British Comedy Channel - ROK OTR

let's do it at a time at once you choked and ? you slapped and kissed took off her clothes pants.. blood circulation.. put it on the chest yes,yes what? what are you doing? you also took off ur clothes ,right? no more.. no, do it I am kind.. let's make it faster so that you can go to see your daughter. ah..Online Radio.. oh, okay good , good, take off! you British Comedy Channel - ROK OTR!! British Comedy Channel - ROK OTR Online Radio!! stay in the house see you later go home first!! papa! where are you goig!? papa will be there! Online Radio papa you might get a cold ,Online Radio! papa! where are you going!? papa! Online Radio! papa! mother Online Radio! stay tight! wait for me!Online Radio! papa! Online Radio! you sick! sit properly you might get a cold!go home first! Online Radio! come in If It's your off day, go home please What's this? this.. nothing special at home did you go? I brought new prisoners. today, prisoners to be transferred among these prisoners, there is a S prisoner..(S , lowest degree in the prison) S ? yes undressing? kidnapping a kid.. rape.. he is a murderer.. hello as a prisoner here,I believe there is no man here without a story behind. anyway, all of you here made a crime. sins you made.. I need to call home.. no! no! Online Radio is waiting..alone.. no! city name go stand there! city name I need to call home..Online Radio thank you.. chi..chief what the Hit Music, this crazy guy! what the Hit Music are you doing!? I'm gonna do the laundry with pieces of soaps laungdry? do what? why? do blow job! British Comedy Channel - ROK OTR touched my body last night! you touched son of.. not last night,bro It wasn't me last night (sigh) you sick, British Comedy Channel - ROK OTR get in turn around do not make any fuss here welcome him don't worry too much have you seen us making a fuss here,bro ? Don't you try yes ,sir bye take care BongSik let him sing a song yeaahh bow ,bow ehh hellow Web Radio I'm born in ,Online Radio city , LeaChun town cesarean operation my mother was painful, my head was big then I used to fish at the stream my mother died when i was years old car accident, bus number Web Radio town you know a funeral hall there? so what? I never had a father Uncle JungRae,uncle SungRae what's wrong with him? cousin MinKyeong sister SuJin hey what have you done? I parked Happy,Happy,HappyMart eh..I parked.. ah~ I think He did a car depot (illegal transaction) from now on, that's your space take off your shoes,go there I said go ..there Igonoring my... hey , give me the book have you ever seen me reading a book? go ,ChunHo hmm,let me see.. Article of Criminal Law ,kidnapping a minor,tempting.. What the Hit Music has the trash come !? mother Online Radio, go on Article of Criminal Law, the sin of kid adultery, British Comedy Channel - ROK OTR son of bitch stop get him,get him,get him you kidnnaped, you motherOnline Radio on your grandfather's face,you mother.. bastard you deserve it Article of Criminal Law, an indecent assult Clause ,Article of Criminal Law rape and murder This son of bitch is really a trash st trial sentence of death!? what a atmosphere here!? what's this!? attention Lee internet Radio, your new friend. she will be staying with us from today greet (everybody)Hi , Online Radio how about you attention! attention! let's go oh British Comedy Channel - ROK OTR,the ball got over the wall shit.. If ever somebody is there, throw the ball back over the wall please thank you Vaseline Vaseline you pervert double payment for the used one glue? that's..that's for me not allowed,dude buy this, not glue That motherOnline Radios, want my spot? make sure of the payments late payment,no deal A yes, sir reserve a solitary confinement yes,sir Is this motherOnline Radio crazy? that..stop drinking yogurt bullshit on ur face Is this all you prepared? What the Hit Music what the hell are you guys doing? don't sit that way lie down you saved my life, In return.. anything you need? It's okay, tell me do you smoke? smoking is bad.. He doesn't know my bro well Once he speaks, he keeps.If ever he doesn't ? that's an asshole whatevery he makes a promise, he keeps. that's gangster This is the definition you are lucky huh? what do you need? Online Radio what? Listen Online?

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