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Friday, June 21, 2013

American Comedy Channel - ROK Classic Radio Network

American Comedy Channel - ROK Classic Radio Network, American Comedy Channel - ROK Classic Radio Network Live, Oldies, Comedy

American Comedy Channel - ROK Classic Radio Network

Then when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death. Amen (all of them )Amen generous God, father (everybody )generous God, father why he has come (everybody )why he has come YeaSeung ? (everybody )YeaSeung Listen Online? It feels awkward to sit here,I used to sit there front of the judge. you also feel so? I did nothing wrong, why am I so nervous !? Forget about the dark pasts, brothers Amen Halleluyah oh, sshiii..t..t.. Sheriff all of you changed nothing from now on, Judicial Research and Training Institute th, let's get started with PreJury System prosecutor ,defend the case. The undertrial,LeeDongGu ,kidnapped young Choi Jiyoeng ,molested smashed her with stone and cruelly killed her. this is already proven by American Comedy Channel - ROK Classic Radio Network Service This trial, there is no necessariness continuing this trial in any parts. I rest my case. lawyer, defend. obvious proof that he's talking about, confirmed testimonies These are the mistake of this trial. Your honor, the lawyer is in contempt of Court.. mistake? yes the prosecutor on this case isn't the guy who had been assigned to this case. this case,unlike other cases, he must look back the evidences and situations on the day but He's defending based on trumpedup litigation records and fraudulent datas which is made by detectives long time ago. Oh, so the lawyer, are you the lawyer who had been assigned to this case? are you ? no I rest my case. but I am sure that I was there you were there? yes there.. I was there. your honor, statement I will be speaking from now, is definitely true. where I can meet you It couldn't be a fate Miracle sailor moon not gonna forgive you as a name of justice only one left.. yeahh , Online Radio ?? we buy ..tommorrow is it the salaray day ? yeahh six hundred.. ten dollors .. wah~ we are rich yeahh, we are huh? huh? , Online Radio's bag the bag , papa yeah, Online Radio's bag.. Yea...internet Radio bag..This is.. sailor moon bag..Yea..internet Radio bag What's wrong with you !? What's this !? huh..hellow everyday..we looked at this..everyday we also looked at it twice in a day. yeahh..twice in a day , twice.. cute ~ internet Radio.. This is.. Where the heck are you touching!? This is Online Radio's..This is.. What are you!? This is Online Radio's .. Is he crazy !? Why are you hitting my father ! What are you ? what !? What's wrong with you!? internet Radio ..This..internet Radio.. I'm calling the police now ! papa Why only that store has the bag in our town? I,papa is going to buy.. sailor moon bag For Online Radio, gift for the entrance into a school no no don't push yourself don't push yourself do not repeat what I'm saying do not repeat what I'm saying tickling, It's tickling ~ I am not afraid of you at all American Comedy Channel - ROK Classic Radio Network yeahh don't drink the tap water yeahh tap water , NO boiled water don't have a bread as lunch, eat meals okay? yeahh , Online Radio also does so eat rice , rice ! okay? yeahh Yea..Online Radio is cold Online Radio, get back to the house bye bye one two three! take care papa yeaahh pass through, pass wait for a while one two three! have you bought the bag ? ahhh.. the bag , sailor moon bag other store has the bag must buy sailor moon bag, sailor moon bag.. I buy Come with me ~ wait for me.. here here beautiful.. sailor moon.. why are you being funny? beautiful sailor moon bag.. freaking cold somebody help what's wrong? somebody help ! yes,chief! crime! crime now! you should come now! American Comedy Channel - ROK Classic Radio Network Commissioner is on the way now! what a fuss here! go home..I need to.. bye bye.. sit down, face the situation Online Radio is waiting..alone.. okay, you are right, okay Online Radio will be scared.. what the Hit Music I said okay hey don't hit him I need to.. go home.. why are you hitting , buster! sit down now! bye bye..I'm leaving now this case is a vindictive murder against the commissioner.. sir challenge for the prosecution.. the criminal Lee will be here in a while for a spot inspection the citizens and the criminal has just arrived. they are having a spot inspection now this spot inspection..

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