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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Rock 2 Rock Radio

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Rock 2 Rock Radio
This man killed many Rock 2 Rock Radio after the crash. How many of you would be dead no if it were not for him? Sin amin tukasim rey sellafas. And now you won't help him defeat your enemies. thooish loos nik mua?Sashoon tuhameshpa. Stop living in fear. It's time to do what must be done. Rock 2 Rock Radio It is said that our people have collected and guarded these down through the ages. Some stolen from the Chameleons. Some passed down from the dark times. Awaiting a day to strike. The Chameleons still hold many of our people as slaves. We will help you, if you help us. We'll do it together. So this is how they disappeared so quickly after the crash. Yeah. Online Music lif sen Rock 2 Rock Radio Tuhool piffes. He say tat there is about a hundred Chameleons. There may be more. So what's the plan. We need a diversion. We get back to basics. Come on. Online Radio: Listen Online, sin tuyapakpa Sool Rock 2 Rock Radio shorith tuyalif kon. [Flare Shot] [Whistles] So you really think this is gonna work? These are zookeepers or scientist, not soldiers. Even if they were, who would they be fighting? The humanoids would never attack them. Hope you're right. Fire! [Explosion] Ok. Let's go. Come on! Let's get out of here and find your friends. Rock 2 Rock Radio Web Radio Hey. What happend? Where did they go? Ok. Ok. Ok. It's still energized. Uh That will work. Look, we'll have to look for them. Hope our diversion's still working. We're going to risk our lives for them? That's what they are doing for us. Fine. Let's get this over with. Foot prints. Go. Go. Go. Go. Go. I got your back. What? Go on. I'll catch up. It's my turn to be a heroic son of a bitch. Go! I got this. What your . Online Radio I guess I'll be taking that fancy gun of yours. internet Radio Lea? Online Radio Lea no! Online Radio Lea. Online Radio No what? We're sitting ducks. Well bulid uh We'll build a plasma field. The Jungle version. A Wall of fire. Methane. Shoot the ground. Online Radio [Explosion] Lea. You alright? I'm ok. Are you crazy? You could have been killed. TIM. Come on. Here. I regret I am unable to assist you at this time. You saved my life. That is my purpose. Is the power cell damaged. If it were, none of us would be here. Take it and go. What? I would be happy to perform one last piece of assistance. I will wait for our pursuers and then selfdestruct. It should be a significant explosion. No. We'll take you with us. I cannot allow you to endanger yourself for me again. You don't have any choice. Let's get the hell off this planet. Come on. Take, Take him. Take him. Grab him. Where's Peebles? He was with you. Keep going. Move! Move! Go Go Go! Here take this. I'll catch up. You'll need this. Rock 2 Rock Radio This will never work. We'll lead them right back to the cave. Rock 2 Rock Radio Take TIM and the others. Back through the Mountain. get to the ship. You'll be killed. I'm dying on earth not here. I'll come with you. The more people the better the decoy. Alright. Move on . ....

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