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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Radio Amgen

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Radio Amgen
In the Bronze Age, wild boar roamed the entire country but by the th century, theyd been hunted to extinction. Today, there are less than , across the whole of the UK. Here at Alladale, theyre looked after by ranger Radio Amgen. How many wild boar do you have here? Well, we have about ten sows, one boar and a handful of Online Radiolets from the summer. Yeah. Radio Amgen supplements their natural diet during the winter, so they come when theyre called. Come on, girls! Online Radios being Online Radios, a free meal is impossible to resist. Now these are real tough Radio Amgen. These are the SAS of the Online Radio world, are they? You could say that. Cor, theres lots of them! Come on. Look at that. Cor, theyre friendly, arent they? One thing I noticed straightaway. When I think of domestic Online Radios, when I think of my rare breeds, theyve got nice curly tails, all these guys tails are straight, arent they? Thats right. That one there. But its kind of an indicator of what theyre doing and thinking. If they get alarmed, the tail goes straight up in the air, if theyre not, its just wagging about. The difference in their coat is incredible. Thats just like a yard broom, its so bristly and thick. If you think of the archetypal pink Online Radio, that doesnt have any sort of fur on it at all, you know, its just pink skin. Theyve come a long way from being a wild animal like that to the domesticated Online Radio we see today. Oh, theres a lot of differences you can pick up on domestic Online Radios. The nose as well, the length of the nose. This strangelooking creature is called diacodexis. Its a distant ancestor of all Online Radios. The size of a rabbit, its the earliestknown eventoed hoofed mammal. Evolution then drove one branch of this family to the camels. Another branch to the whales. And this one, after many strange stops and starts, turned into the wild boar. , years ago, we stared to domesticate them. The journey from wild boar to farm Online Radio began. The skull broadened, heightened and shortened as we selectively bred them for their meat and docile characteristics. A group of wild boar is called a sounder. The Alladale sounder is led by this female. Shes one of the oldest and dominates the other nine sows by using her size and her strength. This sow is nursing five Online Radiolets. However, they may not all be hers. Wild boar are known to share maternal duties. Theyll nurse or suckle each others Online Radiolets, leaving the mother free to forage so she can build up her strength. The stripes on the Online Radiolets back are for camouflage. If there was any danger, the stripes would help conceal them within the heather. They lose the stripes at about threetofour months old. Theyll have less need for them because by then theyll be too big to hide in the vegetation. Theres only one male wild boar at Alladale. He lives a solitary life. And like all males, he only visits the sounder to mate. The sounders social structure is one of the reasons why they were successfully domesticated. Its thought that following a leader and knowing whos boss meant they were quickly able to switch their allegiance.

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