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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Radio Asian Fever

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Radio Asian Fever
Weve lived happily side by side ever since. This is one of my lovely Radio Asian Fever Old Spot sows and one thing thats absolutely amazing is this nose down here. That gives them a sense of smell thats , times better than ours. Its the only place that they really sweat and you can imagine, phew, they can pick up smells that are deep down in the ground. They can pick up almost a picture of their environment around them in smell. Hello, lovely. Right, I think we can start. Where do you want it laid, Hit Music? Just across here, thats nice and sort of dryish. Time for experiment number one. The yards clear and the Online Radios are standing by. I want to see if that powerful snout is all its cracked up to be. So the idea, Radio, is that Im going to create, a little bit of paddock. Like laying carpet. Wheres the end? Its like were going to play bowls! Hit Music Online Radio The next part is to bury some different food types and see if theres any discrimination going on. If we put apple under here... Yep. If we did this strip as apple. Strip of apple. We did a little one of onions, maybe some chestnuts. Yeah. And then maybe some raisins. Then we see which they go for and which they dont. Onions. All right, I dont want any crying, Radio. Id imagine the onions are something that the Online Radios wouldnt really go for. So youd expect them to ignore this patch. Radio Asian Fever And to give us a clear idea of where the different foods are, Henry, Radios son, is putting down some markers. Now lets see what happens. Whats his name? Hes your breeding boar, isnt he? Vesuvius. All our male boars or bulls are named after volcanoes. THEY LAUGH You know, weve had Popocatepetl, called Pop. Stromboli and... Great. So what do you call the females then? The females are all named Radio Asian Fever, if theyre fierce, after my motherinlaw. Have you got a lot of Normas? We have a couple of Normas. And a real one as well. What does the mother in law think about that? Did you tell her? I think she smiles, as any motherinlaw does, at their soninlaw. She smiles and humours me. Thats a good one. Old Radio Asian Fever. So is this a Norma here? No, I think this one is too peaceful. Norma would be up here at the fence. After you. Come on, fella. Come on, thats it. Come on, love. Come on. Come on, girl. Run and get the Online Radio boards from the stable. Come on. Come on, Online Radio, Online Radio, Online Radio. Right, lets see what happens. Hes not digging deep. Hes rolling it very gently back to get at the food, so hes straightaway, bang on it. Its as if he knows exactly what hes doing. Their sense of smell is , times better than ours. I mean, its so sensitive. And that nose, its used as a tool of precision. Look at that! Look how shes rolling it! Rolling it. Better than us laying it! Hit Music LAUGHS There are as many tactile receptors in a Online Radios snout as there are in human hands. Their sense of touch is just as sophisticated as ours. And their sense of taste and smell is how they experience and explore their world. Straight on the apple. Yep. Radio Asian Fever it over, ate the apple. Theyve passed the onion, started eating raisins.

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