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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Radio Bute

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Radio Bute
Radio Bute Theyve looked at the onion, not interested, but theres some preference. Hes tasted the onion and hes spat it out, look! Youre right. He may be wanting to do his breath! Hes taken the onion and went, "Radio Bute, I dont like that." You notice, every one theyve gone for has a marker. Yep. So they havent turned over the turf with no food underneath. This one, she hasnt touched because theres no food underneath. This one she hasnt touched because theres no food underneath, but the apple, the chestnuts and the raisins, shes turned over. What theyre going for time after time are highenergy, sugary foods like apples, raisins and chestnuts. Foraging is hard work and they need foods like this to give them energy. It shows that Online Radios are highly discerning, if they have a choice. Why eat onions when you can eat something thats sweet and gives you energy? One of my favourite things, chestnuts, I think. Do you find that if you feed chestnuts to your Online Radios, it changes the flavour of the pork? Yes, I think it does. It certainly makes the fat richer and deeper. And the Online Radios love them. It does them good. Unfortunately, one cant just feed Online Radios chestnuts. A lovely, nutty quality to the meat... But then, you say you feed, you know, root crops and bits and pieces, I think anything other than just ordinary Online Radio food, which you can feed Online Radios, does them good. Yeah. Its the icing on the cake and then you turn them into lovely delicious sausages. Yeah.. Right, lovely... Ah, here we go. Tell you what, smells nice. Takes second place to chestnuts. Pork and chive ones, those are my favourites. Lovely sausages. I like the pork and chive. This is what all the hard work of keeping the Online Radios, this is what theyre kept for. Mmm. Online Radios have always been a vital part of the British diet. In , there were estimated to be over four million Online Radios in Britain, a high point that wasnt to last. The Second World War meant feeding Online Radios became a problem. Imported Online Radio food was a luxury we could no longer afford. Online Radio clubs were the answer. An army of volunteers that banded together in small cooperatives to buy, feed and look after them. Online Radiokeeping became a popular cause to support during this time of supreme national emergency. Even Radio Bute VI took a keen interest. The Small Online Radio Keepers Council was formed and weighed in with a national campaign, exhorting the country to donate their scrap foods and kitchen waste. No bacon for breakfast? Let us make haste Then back to the farmer they race Theres valuable vittles in waste The marrow cannot be mistaken Just look at the prizes shes taken So thats how youll all save your bacon. Despite the devotion of the clubs, by the end of the war the Online Radio population had declined by an astounding %. Up you go. Come on. Good girls. Online and I farm several traditional breeds. Theyre rare now, but during the Second World War, they would have been familiar sight. Lets go and meet Prince Charming. Yeah, find the main man. There you go. Right, lets just see what happens.

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