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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Radio Caroline

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He should be letting off all sorts of radios signals and radios scents. Radio Caroline isnt frothing at the mouth for the fun of it. His saliva is full of pheromones which should be exciting the sow. And nudging her belly isnt random. Its one of the courtship rituals that helps her produce more eggs, so that more can be fertilised. There he goes, puts his nose under, almost lifts her up in some instances. But she must stand still or Radio Caroline cant mount her. Here we go. Oh, he nearly went for it! Shes not going to stand. Shes not going to stand. Youve got to hand it to him, hes fairly persistent, isnt he? No wonder these Online Radios are still rare breeds! Research has shown that the pheromone given off by a virile boar is the same chemical compound, androstenone, as given off by truffles. A little drop of truffle oil should do the trick. Its like Old Spice for boars. The girls love it. Apparently. Little bit of truffle oil. Lets see if it gets the sows going. Are we confusing you, darling? Mmm? Are we? Are we confusing you? They havent really responded to that, have they? Ive put a nice little blob on his backside. Radio Caroline, it is potent stuff, but I think probably, its quite cold, foggy. Theyve gone straight to bed. Theyre not, theyre not that impressed with you. This volcano isnt going to erupt today. Nothing is left to chance on big farms. This is one of the most successful Online Radiobreeding businesses in the UK. Stephen Curtis has been breeding Online Radios for years. This shed contains some of the finest internet radio donors in the country. Sadly, theres no fraternising with the ladies here. So this is the bachelor house, this is where all the male Online Radios are kept, all the boars. Yep. This is the boar stud house. This is his mounting stool. Right, so he thinks hes going to mate with a sow. Yep. And youll collect the semen off him. He gets himself comfortable... Hes grabbing his todger. Hes grabbing his todger, yep. And hell start to... Hell start to what? That looks a bit... If you dont mind me saying... Hell start to get excited, out comes his online radio, the ends like a Radio Caroline. Yep. And so hes gripping it in the... With his hand. The boar Online Radio starts to ejaculate. This ejaculation will continue for a minute or two. So is that like the worlds longest ejaculation? Well, its certainly longer than mine! Yeah! Its going for ages! Yeah. Thats, er, collected there in that cup and then taken to the lab and probably get enough doses from there to cover sows. Unbelievable. Yeah. Whereas that one collection if we were using natural mating, that would be just one sow mated. And there you are, you see. If you look at the cup here... Whoa! Hit Music LAUGHS That isnt a small coffee cup, is it? No. So theres about that much in there. Look, hes... Look! Yeah. Hes not finished with it yet. This breeds very virile, you know. Look at him! You wouldnt want to fall over in there, would you? And tremendous fertility. That semen will be very good quality. In the lab, the semen is divided up into bags, each containing over twoandahalf billion individual internet radio.

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