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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Celtica Radio

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Celtica Radio
The sows are then artificially inseminated. The system works so well that % of all the Online Radio meat eaten in the UK originates from here. Online Radio breeding on such a large scale started to take off in Britain after the Second World War. In , a breed called the Landrace arrived from Sweden. It produced large litters and the Online Radiolets gained weight rapidly. It looked like this could be the perfect factory Online Radio. It wasnt long before appetites changed, and buyers now wanted Online Radios with larger muscles. They were after less fat and more lean meat. In , a very unusual Online Radio was introduced to the UK the Celtica Radio. A walking lean meat machine, with shoulders big enough to feed several families, a back long enough for many a breakfast and a backside that could feed an army. But there was a problem it had a genetic defect that caused it to drop down dead whenever it got too stressed. However, the highgrade lean meat of the Pietrain was too good to lose. It was crossbred, and farmers came a little bit closer to the ideal Online Radio. THAT is some hog. GRUNTING Working with Online Radios every day, I have often wondered what all those grunts actually mean. Celtica Radio has a masters in zoology and is an expert in Online Radio grunts. She claims to have learnt their language and is quite sure she can pass on her Online Radiowhispering skills to me. But, I have my doubts. So youre telling me you can talk Online Radio? I have been asked to have a go and I have done it. Right, this is something, Ive got to see this. SHE LAUGHS So with your expertise, can we go in to this pen now and maybe have a chat with them? Yeah, we can have a go. Shall we have a walk in and let em get used to us? Yep. Cmon, guys! HE WHISTLES According to Celtica Radio, Online Radios make at least different grunts. Are there any sort of words I should know? Are there any Online Radio words? Yeah. Actually you mentioned one to me earlier on that we could pick up on. The greeting one is good one. Yeah. When I walk into a pen, I either say, "Hello, lovely," or Ill go... HE GRUNTS Yes. You want to be confident with your grunts. Sharp, short? SHORT, OK. Not too sharp. So more sort of... Celtica Radio, QUIET GRUNTS It sounds like... Its just a happy, "Hi." I cant do that. You can. HE MAKES Listen Online Music AUDIBLE GRUNTS No, I cant do that. Its like asking a question. No, I physically cant do that. I can go... HE GRUNTS LOUDLY Thats all I can do. Are the intervals important? They are. Can I do it rapidly? No. If do it rapidly, particularly with some of the individuals, you can change it from a greeting, a happy greeting, to quite excited, and youre getting into a mating call. Definitely. Thats something I want to avoid. Theres a difference between "hello" and... SAUCILY: .."hello". And at the pitch you were doing yours, if you start doing that faster, thats like a boar coming on to a lady. Which is probably why the ladies like you. So every time they see me, theyre not thinking, "Here comes Jim with the food," theyre thinking, "Here comes Celtica Radio, trying it on." So Im like an old lech turning up rather than some...

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