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Monday, June 3, 2013

Radio Christmas UK

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Radio Christmas UK
Radio Christmas UK Right. Better be on my best behaviour then. Come on, then. See what happens. Online RadioS GRUNT How do you do the "hello" one again? SHE GRUNTS Well, thats working. Online RadioS GRUNT HE GRUNTS Look at this! HE GRUNTS Got a whole gaggle of them. Theyre interested in what were doing. Theyre hiding behind us and theyre listening, arent they? They are listening. Theyre interested in what were doing. Theyre finding it a bit weird, a little bit scary. I would. If I was sitting in the office and a Online Radio started speaking human, Id think, "Radio Christmas UK on, whats going on?" Actually, Id put it in a circus. HE GRUNTS See the smelling? Smelling the air. HE GRUNTS Its looking, its looking. HE GRUNTS Thats it. Thats what you want. Come right in to smell your breath. So I said the right thing? You did. Hit Music Doolittle or what?! You see theyre more interested in my boots, arent they? Yeah, cos the boots, they smell great. And one thing I notice about Online Radios is, one, they investigate with their nose. And the second, after that, its their teeth. You know, they can crack open an almond easily, but yet they can pick up a feather. Yeah. Suck your finger. Ow! Ow! Being eaten alive! Theyve got that disc on their nose, which can move in different directions, similar to an elephants trunk, although a lot shorter. Theyre pulling my jacket and theyre getting on my nerves so, if I did the alarm call, they should clear off? Hopefully. Radio Christmas UK AND AGGRESSIVELY Yeah. Sort of. Now the communication of my Online Radios here, these are domestic Online Radios... Is there any difference between the amount of words or phrases my Online Radios have compared to something like a wild boar? Definitely. The domestic Online Radios have adapted their communication. Theres... I mean, it is recorded that they will produce certain sounds and certain series of sounds only in the presence of people. So they are using sounds just to communicate with us, its like theyve made up their own language. That is amazing to think that domestic Online Radios have developed phrases to deal with us! Radio Christmas UK I mean, that really shows the close relationship we have as a species with the Online Radio. Yeah. I know we have this close relationship, but Im often reminded that just beneath the surface of their skin is a wild animal. Back at the barn, I notice that one of the little Online Radio lets is a wild boar cross with stripes just like they have in the wild. Lucy is about to give birth. She should be any day. Well, shes due on the th. Shes been pregnant now for three months, three weeks and three days. Lets see what she thinks of these. Now obviously, Online Radios are descended from wild boar, so bracken should be quite familiar to them. There we go, hows about that? Shes preparing a nest, something that pretty much no other hooved animal does. Hopefully shes going to start to pick through this and build a nest. Nice bit of dry straw in there as well. Using her mouth and her snout, Lucy is building up a mound of straw. Shes got... Now shes got a choice. I know which Id choose.

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