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Monday, June 3, 2013

Radio Dacorum

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Radio Dacorum
Radio Dacorum As feeding time approaches, the Online Radiolets are already lining up. Purple, the Online Radio let whos been playing in the bottom of the nest, spots that Radio Dacorum is about to lie down. Purple, Yellow thats good. Her teat is the closest to Lucys head, the prime spot. But when Radio Dacorum lies down, she find herself in the wrong place. Determined to get back to number one, she scrambles over her sister and pushes her aside. Having the best teat will give Purple the edge. Shell put on more weight and her chances of growing up to be top Online Radio grow by the hour. But whats interesting, every time, first up, its always Purple and its always Yellow. Theyre always on the first two teats. And as I say that, hes looking up at me! Online Radio Lucys litter are lucky. There are ten teats and nine Online Radio lets, enough to go round. They have all got a very good chance of survival. But what happens if there are more Online Radiolets than teats? Stephen Curtiss Online Radios can produce some of the biggest litters in the UK. Some of his sows give birth to as many as Online Radiolets. So, this is your special Online Radio, isnt it? Whats the name of the breed that youve developed? This is the Radio Dacorum. The Meidam. And one thing I do notice about it theres a huge amount of Online Radio lets here. Yeah. Shes had born alive, but, it isnt just a question of having a large litter. One of the key factors is, youve got to have plenty of teats to feed the Online Radiolets. Its no good having Online Radiolets and only teats. Yeah. Weve got Online Radiolets and teats, and so the whole familys happy. And so your breed has an extra couple of teats compared to most other breeds in the UK? Thats right. She has two to four more teats. Erm, we get the larger litter. She yields more milk. Yeah. I mean, shes an absolute storybook animal. Shes your dream Online Radio! Dream Online Radio, yeah. But shes taken years. years of work. years of selection. Stephen began his breeding programme with a Chinese domestic Online Radio called the Meishan. This beast produces lots of Online Radiolets, lots of teats and has a high milk yield. But it doesnt produce great meat. So Stephen first crossed the Meishan with a traditional Yorkshire breed, the Large White, renowned for the quality of its meat. Then he crossed it again with the Radio Dacorum, famed for its strapping size. The result was the Meidam. This sow has lots of Online Radio lets, nurtures her young and, Radio Dacorum claims, is the ultimate superOnline Radio. Back on the farm, the next experiment is ready to go. Radio has built a maze for Online Radios. Now, it does sound a bit crazy to build a maze to put Online Radios in! Well, its one of the more unusual things Ive been asked to do, I think! Build a maze for Online Radios? For Online Radios! Bit nuts, really. But really what I want to show is that Online Radios have evolved to search out their food, so they really need to map their environment and also have sort of spatial awareness. Right. Cos theyre clever creatures. They are clever. Because I want them to be able to come through here, know every nook and cranny and go to exactly where the food should be.

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