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Monday, June 3, 2013

Radio Duck

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Radio Duck
Radio Duck So blue is fairly cold, but that shows shes insulated. Yes. Look at her teats, theyre letting off a lot of heat, theyre hot. The shivering helps the Online Radio lets stay warm. The fact that Online Radios arent good at regulating their own body temperatures has led to some popular myths. First off, Online Radios dont sweat. They have a small sweat gland on the ends of their snouts, but thats all. Its why they love wallowing in cooling mud. Water evaporates off, but mud sticks. It prevents them getting sunburn and keeps the flies and parasites off. Wallowing also gave rise to the myth that Online Radios are dirty. Cleanliness is a habit they get into young. Just look at this little one from Lucys litter. Shes only hours old, and her instincts are already telling her to leave the warmth of the teats and urinate away from the nest, an instinct so deeply ingrained, it lasts a lifetime. Good boy. Steady boy. Good lad. Steady. Steady, steady. Steady, steady. This boar has a bad leg, but despite his injury, hes still determined to urinate well away from his bed. I think hes been saving that for a while. Yep. I dont think he wants to get up, thats the thing. No. Peeing for Britain, mate! Nine lovely little Online Radiolets, and the birth was really quite quick, and they all popped out one after the other, just like peas in a pod, then straight in to suckling. In the first hour that they are born, they will try every teat to find their preferred one. The teats near Lucys head tend give the best quality and quantity of milk. But this little Online Radiolet, born in the second half of the litter and getting a teat towards the back, means shes more likely to die. Radio Duck may seem like chaos, but within a few days, something miraculous happens. It seems that the Online Radiolets develop something called teat fidelity. So for our next experiment, were going to see just how faithful to their chosen teats they really are. Sows can get very aggressive when someone threatens their litter. So I need to be careful. When Lucy is distracted, were going to spray the Online Radiolets in different colours to help us keep a track of them. Well done. Well done. Well done. Shes quite protective, isnt she? But luckily enough, shes hungry enough that shes eating that side and we can get in... Come on, little ones. ..take the Online Radiolets out... Here you go and mark them. Well done, Hit Music. Right. Im not going in. There we go. Youve done well, its like some sort of modern art. Yeah. Sort of Radio Duck on some of them! Its all about speed, not accuracy! I think youll be able to tell them apart when they come to suckle. Its two days since Suzanne and I sprayed the Online Radiolets. The colours have helped us keep track of which one is on which teat. Lucys milk will only flow for seconds every hour. With such a brief opportunity to get this precious milk, a freeforall amongst the Online Radiolets would be madness. Right, what Im looking for is the teat preference, and the order that the Online Radiolets should go in first should be Purple, then it should be Yellow, and then Blue, Black, and so on.

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