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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Radio Gardening

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Well, next week theyll be doing Radio Gardening, I reckon. Yep. But if you think Radios Online Radios are smart, just take a look at these. On this intensive farm, food is delivered via computer. Each Online Radio is fitted with a unique electronic collar which identifies it to the central computer. The collar knows which Online Radio is which. This ensures that, when a Online Radio approaches a feeder... BEEPING ..the computer releases its one balanced meal of the day. But Online Radios love their food. Yet despite how many times they try, the computer wont give them any more. However, some have learnt how to beat the system. Some sows cant bear wearing their collars. Others see the potential of a discarded collar. And here comes the clever bit. All they have to do is pick it up and get a free meal. Radio Gardening The sows on this farm learnt that a lost collar would always bring second helpings. Now regardless if theyre modern commercial hybrids or traditional breeds of Online Radios like these ones here, one thing that the maze test and the collars show is that all Online Radios are intelligent enough to learn and follow human rules, as long as theres something in it for them. Cmon, then. Come on! For an animal to be successfully domesticated, it helps that theyre intelligent, theyre social and they can learn fast. But one thing Id really love to know about Online Radios is, do they know who they are? Could they look in a mirror and think, "Thats me." Right, who have we got here? This is Alistair. I once conducted a test to show at what age humans learn to recognise themselves in a mirror. Radio Gardening is months old. We sneaked some red lipstick onto his cheek and put him in front of the mirror. Little Alistair clearly sees an image of a baby but does he know if its his own image or that of another baby? Who is that? Who is that? Is that another baby, Radio Gardening? Is that another baby or is that you? Who is it? You going off to find him?! Alistair looks round the back of the mirror, as if to search for a new friend, and he never touches the red mark on his cheek, because he thinks its on the other childs face. He doesnt recognise the child in the mirror as himself. Next up for the lipstick test is twoyearold Euan. Ha ha, yeah! You can see, cant you! So Radio Gardening has now developed selfawareness, a strong sense of "me". So what chance does a farmyard animal have in test like this? So, Donald, every good experiment needs a control, doesnt it? Thats right. Weve got our mirror here, and were going to show a whole range of different farm animals the mirror to see if they recognise themselves or if they think its another animal, and go round the back. Radio Gardening from Cambridge University is a leading expert in animal awareness and welfare. Right, Radio, bring on the donkeys. Come on. Have a look in the mirror. Have a look in the mirror. Whos that? Now... What a good looking chap. I think the donkeys seeing another donkey, but its pretty calm about it. Next up, ferrets. I think its seeing that theres a ferret there, so its confusing, so lets investigate that and go and walk behind.

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