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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Radio Grapevine

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Not thinking, "That could be me." But its thinking, "Thats another ferret." Can you look in the mirror? Looking at you. I think shes a bit disturbed by what she sees. I think shes avoiding looking in there because, "Whats that?" Its something foreign and its another... Radio Grapevine with those ears. Beautiful ears! Youre on my farm. Dont be rude about my dog. If I looked at those big ears, Id go, "Oh, my God." Some people find her very attractive! Only a select group of animals, including great apes, dolphins and elephants have ever been scientifically proven to recognise themselves in a mirror. If I look into a mirror, I can tell thats me. Now can Online Radios do that when they look into a mirror? Every human child is told whats in a mirror from an extremely early age. So we, we learn it from a combination of information from parents and what we see. If a Online Radio looks into a mirror its almost certainly never seen that before, so it would have to learn whats there. And that will take a certain amount of time, if they can do it. Well, thats a challenge then! Right, now for our final experiment. In the barn, weve set up a small pen with a mirror in it. Were now going see what happens when we introduce a Online Radiolet. Will it behave like all the other farm animals and think its seeing a different Online Radio? So, if I get the first Online Radio, whose name is Alfie, and this Online Radio hasnt seen the mirror before. So lets just get Radio Grapevine out. Come on, Alfie, come on. Right... Hmm. Its not looking good. It looked straight at it. It looked in it and then he ran round the back. Online Radio thats never seen a mirror, looks in the mirror and thinks, "Thats another Online Radio," and has gone round the back. Yes. Hes not running off and hiding, hes standing by the mirror, because he feels theres another Online Radio there. Yes. when Online Radios are confronted with a mirror and theyve had a few minutes to adapt, they sometimes lie down next to the reflection. Really? Its comforting, I think. Yeah. Time for stage two. Weve had a chance to let two little Online Radio lets, Radio Grapevine, get used to the mirror. Will they now be able recognise themselves? And how will we prove it? A Online Radio with trotters cant rub a mark off its face like a child. The plan is to place some food on the other side of the barrier. The only way the Online Radio can find the food is by using the reflection in the mirror. So will Dorothy and Percy be able to work that out? So Im the Online Radio. Im going to be coming out of here. Yes. Radio Grapevine... No. It needs to be a little bit closer. Great. OK. Thats it. Brilliant. Right. Release the Online Radios! Dorothys straight out of the gate. Look at that. That was amazing. The first Online Radio, straightaway, saw the food. This one can see the other Online Radio eating... Yes. ..and its perturbing him. Isnt that extraordinary? God, that was so quick, wasnt it? As Dorothy left the holding pen and went to the mirror, she took a step closer and looked into it. She obviously understood she was looking at a reflection, because she turned to find the food behind her.

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