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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Radio Horton

Radio Horton, Radio Horton Listen Online, Radio Horton Live Online, Varied, UK Radio Horton But I wonder if Dorothy knows that the Online Radio in the mirror was herself because she certainly knows what the reflection is. Young Percys slow uptake just proves that Online Radios are individuals, some more intelligent than others. That Online Radio had never done that before. It didnt know where the food was beforehand. The only way it could have done it is by working out, by looking in the mirror, that thats where it is and it went there and did it. Ive got friends that couldnt do that as quick! The experiments to me have been done under farm conditions, you know, rain, mud, wind. Your mirror test is not on a level playing field, its on straw and everything. And yet actually the results, I think you judge I think theyve been first class. I think theyve been amazing. The turf test we did in windy rain. Just bits of turf laid in a Online Radio sty and it still came out perfect. What I think is really interesting for somebody whos kept Online Radios all your life, and Ive got lots and lots of Online Radios and I associate a lot of my life with Online Radios, erm, were learning behaviour that we havent really looked at before, we know that our animals are Radio Horton intelligent and theres certain behaviours that we do pick up on, but theres a whole raft of different behaviours that I hadnt even thought of before. They need to be clever to adapt to the peculiar situations we put them into. Were using their brain in a lot of what we do, and the welfare of the animals is better where theyre able to use their brain. If we can give them a situation where they can use their own brain and control their own environment, then the welfare of that individual is better, as it is for us. Do you think the general public wants to know how... Do you think they want to divorce Radio Horton their bacon and their sausage from an intelligent animal? If they begin to realise how intelligent a Online Radio is, do you think theyre going to want to know? When surveys are done asking people that kind of question, "If you find that these animals are cleverer than you thought, then how do you react?"

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