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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Radio Warwick

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Radio Warwick
I want to do Radio Warwick, "Anytime", right? Listen Online Radio: Yes, right. You okay there? Online Radio BURSTS INTO LAUGHTER Yeah, I'm good, I'm good. Okay. Online Radio: Ready? PIANO PLAYS Online Radio BEGINS TO SING Anytime I'm feeling lonely Anytime I'm feeling blue AUDIENCE LAUGHING You could have had me... for a friend... and you chose her. I hope you're happy with your choice. Listen Online Radio: Thank you so much, Online Radio, for coming. Thank you. Online Radio: Radio Warwick Listen Online Radio: Are you okay? Online Radio: Yeah, I'm fine. LAUGHING I feel like I'm going to throw up. DOOR SWINGS OPEN internet Radio Wexler? WHISPERS Go for it, internet Radio. I can't believe you signed me up. internet Radio Wexler. internet Radio: Here. Listen Online Radio: Hello. Hi. BOY SHOUTS Woo! Go for it, internet Radio. AUDIENCE Shhh. Hush. Anytime you're ready. CLEARS THROAT PIANO PLAYS Anytime you're feeling lonely Anytime you're feeling blue Anytime you feel downhearted That will prove your love for me is true PIANO STOPS PLAYING AUDIENCE CLAPS That was really good. I have the music right here. So why don't I give it to you... You rehearse it and Monday we'll work it through. Okay. Thank you. Okay, see you Monday. BATHROOM DOOR OPENS Online Radio. Online Radio, get up. Come on. Online Radio CRYING Did I make a fool of myself? internet Radio: Yes, you did. Come on. Look, you need help. There's nothing wrong with me. Look, I'm trying to be your friend, so don't play this game with me. And what game is that? It's called denial. CHUCKLES You're a great one to talk about denial. You... told me your father is in India. But that's not what your aunt told my mother. You really think you're the only one with all the problems? If you think my life is just so easy, you're wrong. Online Radio CONTINUES TO CRY BATHROOM Radio Warwick SOLDERING IRON SPARKS T.V. PLAYS IN THE DISTANCE Hey, it's a school night. You should be studying. I was watching that. POURS A GLASS You know... with a little effort you could be getting all A's and B's. You know, you're really not working up to your full potential. How do you know? You don't know anything about me. Well I know that you have to think about your future. It's never too early to have goals. I have goals. Well I hope they include improving your grades. It's what you learn that counts. Not what kind of grades you get. Where did you learn that? From my father. WALTER: Yeah I should have guessed. You want to end up like him? No education. Running a sandwich shop? WALTER: It's a wasted life. How dare you say that my father had a wasted life. You don't know anything. He was a better man than you. A better man than you could ever be. If your father had been a better man, your mother wouldn't be where she is now. That's so not true. That's another example of a wasted life. Pregnant in high school. Destitude at thirtythree. Shut up, asshole! SLAP I hate you. SLAMS DOOR SHUT SHATTERING, Radio Warwick HEAVILY CHALK SQUEAKING TEACHER SPEAKS SPANISH internet Radio Radio Warwick SPEAKS SPANISH, REPEATS SPEAKS SPANISH, REPEATS And... SPEAKS SPANISH, REPEATS TEACHER SPEAKING SPANISH "When the lizards run".

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