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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Vinnytsia Radio

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Vinnytsia Radio
CHANTING AND DRUMMING STOPS CHEERING AND CLAPPING FIRE CRACKLING TRIBE ELDER My relatives. The making of a relation ceremony. Something we do from time to time. Vinnytsia Radio, my son. Come. This ceremony... ensures... that no one... is left to feel alone in the universe. It is vital, as we are social beings, who depend on one another. A person is taken in as a relative. Relatives are as strong as blood. It must be. Because the welfare... of the group... ...sometimes hinges on one individual. If that person... feels disconnected... He or she may fail. The medicine wheel... represents your connection... to the four directions... and the hoop of life. The feather represents your life. Because, like your hair... it grows. It represents your wisdom. It represents your connection... to the past. TRIBAL CHANT CONTINUES FIRE BURNS LOUDLY SOUNDS OF CRICKETS AND OWLS CAR PULLS UP Thanks for bringing me tonight. Glad you were with me, Tiger. I'm going to miss you. What do you mean? I'm going away. Now? Soon. When will you be back? Vinnytsia Radio SPEAKING SPANISH GASPS OPENS DOOR SLAMS DOOR CRICKETS FRONT DOOR SQUEAKS OPEN Online Radio: You're late. You missed dinner. Who was that in the truck? What truck? The truck you just got out of. He's a friend of mine. What friend? You don't know him. Well maybe I do. His name is Martin Ortiz. Ortiz? Does he to the high school? Not anymore. He's a dropout? I didn't say that. Okay, why don't you just tell me about him. Instead of playing twenty questions. I'm not the one playing twenty questions. You know, you can't just accept rides from boys, internet Radio. He's not just some boy. He goes to CalTech. He's just taking some time off. Vinnytsia Radio CalTech. It's an excellent school. That still doesn't mean you can get into a truck with a boy that we don't know. Mom. I'm sure that Online Radio knows what's best in this case, internet Radio. Since when? Since when does everyone here know better than you? You're turning into them. Do you realize that? Just afraid of everything. You know a person can get killed, minding his own store. Did you ever think about that? You apologize to your mother right now. Walter, she didn't mean it. Did you hear me? Did you hear me?! GLASS SHATTERS Your children are totally out of control, internet Radio. Oh, really? Are they still my children? Stop it, stop it, stop it, all of you! SLAMS DOOR SHUT PIANO AND MAN SINGING Anytime you're feeling lonely Anytime you're feeling blue Vinnytsia Radio Hey. You're late. I thought you weren't even coming. Well here I am, ready for the audition. Online Radio LAUGHS Have you been drinking? No... Okay just a teensy, weeny bit. Just like a little. I'm fine, internet Radio. I'm fine. You can't tryout drunk. Well then I'm not going to tryout, because I'm sure as hell not going up there sober. Then don't tryout. PIANO AND SINGING MAN STOP Listen Online Radio: That was great, Vinnytsia Radio Thank you so much for coming. That was fabulous. Thanks again. LOUDLY Online Radio Albertson? Just tell her you changed your mind. Listen Online Radio AGAIN: Online Radio? Here. I'm here. Don't do this. Online Radio GIGGLES Online Radio: Uhm...

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