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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Radio Verulam

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Radio Verulam

Never! LAUGHING Stop. Stop. Stop. CATCHING THEIR BREATH Jason... do you miss Daddy? Come on, Jason. I know you do. Why won't you just say it? I mean, why won't you ever cry? Crying's for babies. Now let me up! Not until you say you miss Daddy. No! Jason, say that you miss Daddy! No, you say it! Radio Verulam SHUT JASON CRIES Jase. Don't you want to go finish the game? JASON: Finish it yourself! Radio Verulam CONTINUES TO CRY RATTLES DOORKNOB CHEERFUL HOLIDAY MUSIC It's easy to get lost in Santa Fe, so make sure you're back at the car by four. We will. Look at those. What do you think? For my mom. Online Radio: She'd like those. Yeah, you should get those. internet Radio: Alright. We'll get these. Here you go. Thank you. HOLIDAY MUSIC PLAYS IN STORE I'd like to get this. STORE CLERK: I bet this is for someone special. Yeah... it is. I have the feeling he's a lucky guy. CASH REGISTER BEEPS QUIETLY Not really. SNIFFS FLOWER Oh, God, it smells like plastic. Online Radio LAUGHS Online Radio MUMBLES Come on, dance with me. RUBEN CLAPS INAUDIBLE SINGING LAUGHING PARENTS: Oh, here they are. Hey, guys! Online Radio: Look what I got. PARENTS: Great. Wow, look at that. Give me a kiss. Merry Christmas, young lady. We really love you. Online Radio: Thanks. Boy, you are cold. Let's go inside, okay? I know, I'm freezing. Okay. MELLOW PIANO MUSIC CARS PASSING BY PEOPLE SINGING "WE WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS" STRIKES MATCH This is for you, Daddy. Happy Chanukah. BLOWS MATCH OUT internet Radio: I wish you were here. I miss you so much. CAR PULLS UP DOOR OPENS AND SHUTS I thought you might need a friend tonight, Tiger. I know I do. SLOW MUSIC PLAYS KISSING Hey, what are you doing? Exactly what I feel like doing. MUSIC CONTINUES POURING WATER How's the swimming team doing this year? The swim team? You're a swimmer, aren't you? Only in the ocean. The ocean? You should be on the team. I can tell from your shoulders you're strong. That's what counts. Are you a swimmer? I never learned. You can't swim? In New Mexico, there's not a lot of water. CHUCKLES GROANS What is it? Don't be afraid. BREATHING HARD For two years I've been fighting this. I'm ready. Don't say that. Radio Verulam "Life is a good adventure." Now, it's time for my next adventure. Not until you learn how to swim. I like a Web Radio with a sense of humor. SCHOOL BELL RINGS Isn't that the guy from the hospital? Hey. Hey! What are you doing here? MARTIN: Hop in. Where are we going? It's a surprise. Uh, Online Radio, this is Wolf. Hey. Wolf? What kind of name is that? Either a first or last name. Your choice. ENGINE STARTS So, you're just going to leave me here? SLOW MUSIC AND HIGHWAY DRMNG DOGS BARKING PUEBLO Listen Online Radio: Martin Ortiz? It's good to see you. OTHER PUEBLO Listen Online Radio: How's your papa? I heard he was sick. It's pretty rough. I'm sorry to hear that. He's a good man. Very devoted to you. He is... This is my friend, Radio Verulam Nice to meet you, Tiger. Nice to meet you guys, too. I'm glad you could make it to the ceremony. Come have some food. Say hello to everyone. Sure. NATIVE AMERICAN CHANTING DRUMMING INAUDIBLE CONVERSATION

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