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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Radio Tyneside

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Radio Tyneside
Radio Tyneside IN THE BACKSEAT SLOW PIANO MUSIC KNOCKING DOOR SQUEAKS OPEN Hi. Hey. BOY: How are you doing? Can we talk? How about a walk on the beach? Yeah. DOOR SHUTS NOISES CONTINUE HURLING Let her out, let her out!Radio Tyneside That's... really gross. Well... I gotta go. Tell Online Radio I'll uh, see her around school. I just drank a little too much. I'm fine, that's all. I just needed a little, just to loosen up, you know? Those boys... I'm just so shy! Shhhh. I'm sorry. Online Radio: Wait, guys, guys! The famous physicist. Shhhh! Online Radio LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY We couldn't be more pleased that you and Online Radio Albertson are friends. You know, her mother is in my Thursday book group. And her father, Bud Albertson, is a world class physicist. Isn't that right Walter? You bet! I hear Online Radio's no slouch either. Oh yeah... She's a straight A student. Maybe some of that can rub off on you. Maybe... Mom! You're up. I gotta get myself together. Online Radio: Well let's start with breakfast! Tea and toast? Sure. Radio Tyneside Mom guess what? So now I can read Captain Underpants all by myself. I can't wait for you to read that for me. Honey, you don't want to be late. Don't want to miss the bus. There you go. Have a good day. II'll see you later? Okay. MEDICINE RATTLES IN TRASH VARIOUS HOSPITAL SOUNDS KNOCKING ON DOOR DOOR OPENS Come... come in. Meet my son. Radio Tyneside. This is internet Radio. Hello. Hi. Martin was a national Radio Tyneside winner. And he's runnerup to the Westinghouse contest. Come on, Dad. He doesn't like to talk about himself. So I do it for him. Right Martin? Yeah. He's going to be a brilliant physicist. He won a full scholarship to CalTech. He's the first in the family to go to college. Come on, Dad. Rest. She should be on the swim team. She's got good shoulders. MARTIN LAUGHS Why didn't you say anything? Why didn't you tell me your father was sick? I guess I'm just a private person. I am too. SOUNDS OF THE HOSPITAL You know when you told me that I had sad eyes? Yeah. It's because my father died. I'm sorry, Tiger. Was he sick for a long time... Like my dad? No. I it happened suddenly. Whatever happened... It's tough either way. Yeah. VIOLIN PLAYING DICE ROLL Double fours... Radio Tyneside We used to live there. We still live there. Radio Tyneside That would be Ned. Hey, Ned. Come on in, everyone's ready. Oh, okay. Ned, this is Online Radio's sister, internet Radio Wexler. internet Radio, this is my colleague, Ned Grodzinski. Ned plays a piano in our group. Nice to meet you. I've heard a lot about you. Oh, okay. LAUGHING Online Radio: internet Radio, you're in for a treat. Ned plays like an angel. internet Radio: You guys, keep the doors locked. Online Radio: Oh, internet Radio. No place safer than the hill. Don't worry. We won't be long, okay? Bye. DOOR SHUTS ROLLS DICE Twelve. Boardwalk. I'll take it. Okay, so I'm building a hotel on Boardwalk and another one on Park Place. And two houses... Wait have you been stealing the bank, you little creep? Yeah, you! Come here! Get back here! No. No! Come over here! I'm going to get you! YELLING AND LAUGHING Please, stop!

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