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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Radio Trent - Nottingham

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Radio Trent
BIRDS CHIRPING SLOW GUITAR MUSIC GRUNTING AND HEAVY BREATHING Watch me first. Okay, now you try. WOLF: Use your legs for strength. WOLF: Next step. WOLF: Excellent. WOLF: You gotta believe you can do it. Don't be afraid. Okay, take the next step. I got you. BOTH GRUNT I knew you could do it. BOTH BREATHE HEAVILY See the black carving? That's from their fires. Over years old. Wow. A cave with a view. Yeah. You can see why the Tiwa people lived up here. Pretty good vantage point, huh? I wouldn't mind living here. I'd bring my little brother. And my cat. FRUIT GUSHES APART CHEWING internet Radio CHUCKLES My cat would love to chase those. When Winter comes, all the lizards will disappear. You won't see them again until Spring. Then they'll lay out on the rocks, soaking up all the sun. Like me. You disappear in Winter? I might. When I was young... I used to climb here all the time with my father. I hope it never changes. Everything changes. CHEWING DOOR OPENS Hey, Mom. Mom. MEDICINE BOTTLE RATTLES You have to stop taking these. Did you hear me?! You need to stop taking these! Yeah, I have to stop taking them. Can you please get up? We need you. I'm not the person I was before. Before Adam. Online Radio: Good... That's great. She'll never get out of bed if you keep bringing food to her. You know, you're turning her into a zombie. Who's a zombie? No one. Time to get this batch in the oven, hmm? Now, how long are we going to bake them? Eight minutes, because of the high altitude. And what are we going to set our temperature at? JASON: . Ugh, excellent. I love making cookies. You know, someday we can open a cookie shack in Atlantic City. And we'll call it "Jason's Cookies." Will it be on the boardwalk? Yes, it will be on the boardwalk. And in all the best hotels. Or you can just open one right here in Los Alamos. There's no boardwalk in Los Alamos. FEROCIOUSLY SCRUBS DISHES You know you're sitting in the same tub Oppenheimer used when he live here? Oppenheimer? Wait... SCOFFS As in the guy who invented the bomb? Yeah. He lived here? In this very house. PHONE RINGS Uhm. PHONE RINGS AGAIN Hello? Yeah. Oh, hi Ted. Tonight? Really? Oh, okay. That's perfect! Okay. Okay, sweet! Eight o clock. Alright, see ya then. Online Radio: internet Radio, this is so exciting! Who is he? Only the most popular guy in school. Okay, we have to think up someone for you. How about Ruben? Ruben's perfect. What if Ted thinks I'm pathetic? I don't know, I'm just I'm not really that experienced, you know? Wait, do you have a boyfriend? I mean did you have a boyfriend before you moved out here? No. MELLOW MUSIC AND INDISTINCT CHATTERING RUBEN: ...but it does warm you up. SCREAMING AND LAUGHING She can be an idiot. But I love her like a sister. internet Radio: She's wasted. Well, yeah. That too. Online Radio: internet Radio! And so am I. YELLING AND LAUGHING Whoa! SCREAMING LAUGHING Oh, man. LAUGHING Isn't Ted amazing? Hey, I'm freezing. Let's warm up in the car. internet Radio: You don't have a car. I do now. I wish we had the keys to the ignition. I could use some heat in here. Make your own, dude.

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