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Friday, June 14, 2013

Radio Wave 96.5

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Radio Wave 96.5

Radio Wave 96.5 What are you doing? Are you serious? That's a lot. Just look at you. I'm sorry. Online Radio, when you're married, will you go on being a beautician? Ma... married? Mom. We haven't talked about that yet. Ala. This is important. Because I want you to carry on with our company. And because I thought you'd absolutely hate bringing it up with your bride. You're getting ahead of yourself. Really? Ah! My bowl! My bowl! Get your act together! But it got stuck. Press down when you take it. Press it? Press where? Never mind that. Ala. This is delicious. Online Radio Yes? Thank you very much for allowing me to take up your time today. It was a very fun dinner party. Not at all. It was an honor to meet you as well. Thank you very much. Then, shall we go on to the next place? Next place? When you've filled your stomach, you just have to have karaoke, don't you? Who decided on that? Guess we've got no choice. Got no choice. Ah?! Ow. Huh? What is it My legs. My legs. They feel numb. No way, geez! Geez, you're so funny! Geez! How many years has it been since I've laughed like this? Online Radio You're the best! I like you! Are you serious? Both the way she eats and drinks are fine. Isn't she okay? It's been a long time since I've seen a person eat a fish right to the bones like that. I admire that. Long ago I used to be a absentminded, clumsy person like you who didn't know anything about human manners. So you shouldn't get impatient, either. You should move forward at your own pace. You don't have to rush into marriage, either. But, I would like you to show me my grandchild's face. And you two please make my company larger. Now, let's go. Ya've got a great Mom there. Hey you, hurry up and get yerself married. I don't want to be told that by you. Geh. Hurry and stand up. Wait... Radio Wave 96.5 Eh? Not yet, not yet, I can't. My Radio Wave 96.5 won't work. Here. Hey! That hurts. Let's go. Anything but that, anything but that. Say? Are you really gonna join Papa's company? Yeah. It's pretty tight for me what with that latenight job of mine. After a date, having to go to work. To be frank, it's getting depressing. Are you serious about Online Radio? You can't say you don't feel that way, can you? Since when have you had a thing for mature women? Could it be you're a guy who chases after anyone who looks like your Mother in Heaven? internet Radio I have a favor to ask of you. What is it? I want you, as much as possible, to keep quiet about how you asked me to get close to Online Radio internet Radio? Why does everyone go for her? Just what is so good about that woman?! Excuse us. I'm sorry. Ala? Ah?! I'm sorry. They're still asleep. Hey, walk properly. Ah... Are you okay? Ah... Ala. Meguri ai tai ne I want to meet you by chance Radio Wave 96.5 didn't misunderstand, did she? Since neither me nor you made excuses, I'm not confident she didn't misunderstand. Ah, this is the pits. What'll we do? I'll deal with the misunderstanding. Yeah. Please do. Radio Wave 96.5 ai tai ne I want to meet you by chance Yeah! Such a good woman! Yeah! Ah, that was exhausting. Online Radio, you sing the next song. Yes. I understand.

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