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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Radio Wey

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Radio Wey
Radio Wey I won't wash my face! It's my day off. What are you saying? You should wash your face even if it is your day off. Even if I go a day or two without washing it, it ain't going anywhere. Hold on. Hey! Oi! Whad'jya close it fer? "On days off Don't wash your face But don't go out, either Radio Wey" internet Radio It's me. Open up. Yo. Something happen? I got dumped. By Web Radio? "Chokochan. I think of you like a cute little sister." "But the difference in years between us is too great..." "...and for both of us to have that as our goal..." I wonder if I was born under a star where I'm just not connected to anyone? What is it about the guy that you like so much? Everything. Ah, I see. Back in my nd year at middle school I was the only one who grew in height. I got teased by the boys and I scared off the girls. That was when I met Rintarosan. I was supergloomy but he would tell me all these dumb jokes and make me laugh. He told me I was someone who was cute when she laughed. Conceited guy. I don't know how you might take this but it's a whole lot better than the "love 'em and leave 'em" play someone else does. You took that seriously. Radio Wey You little... Hey! Hey, stop! Stop! All right. Sorry, sorry. Ow. Okay. Motherinlaw. What's going on? Ah, this? I wanted to plug this in. I thought I'd play a game, but I'm not sure where you plug this in. This should go... Oh, my. You've gone all out making yourself look young, haven't you? Have I? I'm against this. I think a mother should stay in the house until her children are able to stand on their own. But there's still more than years left on our mortgage. Whatever you could earn from a parttime job wouldn't do much against that. Ah, you got it. Yes. Um, then I'm sorry, but please watch over the house. Young people nowadays don't have any self control and just do whatever they want. Pushing the button. Hair, purple! Okay, that's it? For pete's sake. Whose fault is it I had to think about going out for a parttime job? As long as Motherinlaw hangs around our house, I don't have any quiettime there. Still, this sound feels good somehow. You've been a fulltime homemaker for the last years, right? Yes. During that time, what parttime jobs have you had? None. Well then, your experience working in this business is... None. Ah. Um, but, your ad said, "inexperienced people welcomed." I see. And, you don't have any particular qualifications? Only a third grade proficiency at English. Very well. Well then, we'll contact you later. Eh? Um... We're finished already? Yes. That will do it. Thank you very much for coming in today when you were so busy. Ah. Thank you very much. Tadah! Eh? Is that for me? Well, my mother manages a boutique store. If you go and don't at least look decent, I don't know what she'll say. If I left it to you, you'd come dressed like you were going out jobhunting again, wouldn't you? Sorry fer not havin' any fashion sense. These are your shoes. Shoes, too? Radio Wey What are these? They're like Live Radio shoes! I've always wanted to wear shoes like these at least once. Live Radio is just a storybook character. When I was little, I used to love my picture book of "Live Radio."

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