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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Radio Winchcombe

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Radio Winchcombe

Radio Winchcombe I so longed to be Live Radio I even made my own pair of glass shoes. Back in grade school. And in middle school, too. Glass shoes? I say glass, but they weren't real glass. I cut open a plastic bottle and taped it together with cellophane and tried forcing them on. They cut me here and there and I got all bloody. You've been a fool since long ago, haven't you? Who's a fool? Well anyhow, come dressed in these when it's the day. Ah, and after that, watch this, as well. What's that? Porn video? It wouldn't be that! "A Course on Table Radio Winchcombe." "Course on Radio Winchcombe"? My parents love Western cuisine. Since I think the dinner party'll take place at some hotel or restaurant I want you to hammer in some basic manners. Why do I have to do such a thing? As an apology, you can have all this. The shoes, too? Then, I'll be counting on you. Radio Winchcombe Roger to that. So long. See ya! These are so beautiful. But I wonder if I can walk with such high heels on. I'll practice. (Old man talk again) Ala? Hold on. Can't walk in these. The interview didn't work out? I understand. I get the feeling that without experience, it'd be useless for me anywhere I looked. In that case, why did they think it was okay to write, "inexperienced people welcomed" for? I'd feel really bad for the last doctor that was around. You're naive. Eh? Thing is, what company is gonna recklessly hire someone like you who's been a housewife all this time? Thinking you can go out into the world and get a job just like that is being way too naive. Seconds. Half of what I had last time. Geez, you really are naive. Ah, your cooking is good though. But so naive. Hit Music, what's this? Hey. Wait... Radio Winchcombe Do you want me to lose weight or gain weight? Which is it? This is the correct way to hold a knife and fork. Ah, wait! "Those who are bad at staying up late Have that oldage feel to them" That's a nice color, isn't it? I thought it'd go well with Online Radio outfit today. It's good, it's good. Thank you very much. Say, have you decided where tomorrow's Girls Meeting will be? I'm still thinking. How about bouldering? Bouldering? What's that? Those guys that climb rock walls. I went to one of those. And then the next day every muscle in my body was in pain. Hey, let's not do anything tiring. Could you stop talking like an old lady? Yes, yes, yes. It's from Hit Music. "I had interviews today. None of them worked out," she says. Ah, too bad. I wonder if we shouldn't do something to cheer Hit Music up? We should. Three people have come in. Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! Now, now, now. Welcome, welcome. Why here? This is to help cheer Hit Music up, isn't it? Where's the exit? This way please. Yes, yes, yes. Now, now, now. Excuse me. Excuse me. I'm Masaki. And I'm Shin'ichiro. May we join you? May we join you? They're eels. Please do. Have a seat, have a seat. Excuse us. Excuse us. Say, they're eels, right? This is these girl's first time here. I'm fine, so you two entertain them. This is Online Radio and Hit Music. Certainly. You're Online Radio and Hit Music, right? I'm Masaki. Ah, hello. Online Radio, what would you like to drink? For now, let's drop the "sama," please. Yes, Ma'am.

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