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Thursday, June 13, 2013


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But, um... On the rocks, please. On the rocks. Me, too. On the rocks. Ah. I'll have a whiskey with water, please. Certainly. Happy Birthday, internet Radio Kyaa! I'm so happy! Welcome. Welcome. Ah, good evening. Ah, hello. Good evening. It's unusual for you to come at night, isn't it? My wife's out of the house so I thought I should have some night fun myself. Isn't it sad you came here for your "night fun"? That's true, huh? But, um... this was the only place I could think of. I'm very happy this is the only place you thought of. Radio2XS, a beer. Comin' up. I'll have an orange juice. Sure thing. Where's your wife? Where'd she go out to? She said she was going somewhere for her Girl's Meeting. Girl's Meeting, huh? I wonder who made up those words? Well, the words that make up "Girl's Meeting" wouldn't that make you think of women who were drinking in some lordly manner? It would, it would. My wife's the archetype for that. Thing is, women who are getting up in years hanging out for a "Girl's Meeting" is really just a laugh. I wholeheartedly agree. But recently, Girl's Meetings aren't only about drinking. What do you mean? Those socalled "Personal Experience" schools? In order to enhance themselves, they'll take horse riding classes or ceramics. Then afterwards they normally let their feelings out with day trips to onsens or esthetic salons. And they'll also go to Host Clubs, too. Host Clubs? Like those men during the bubble era who would go to the saunas for their clubbing. right? Those are only for masculinized women. So that's why my wife's been saying "parttime job" this and "parttime job" that. Ah, but if there are Hosts around, then it can't be a "Girl's Meeting," can it? They might be like those femaleoriented soaps that are so popular. My wife in a soap? The world's coming to an end. There! This is wonderful! They've ordered champagne, so give us a word. Three, two, one, zero! Huh? It's all thanks to me! One, two... The champagne we drink today is all thanks to this Princess here! We'll now give you our expressions of gratitude! Radio2XS Thank you for this wonderful champagne! Now, start! Banzai! Thank you for this wonderful champagne! Itadakimasu! Itadakimasu! Itadakimasu! Hold on a minute. This was for us to drink, wasn't it? Yes. That's right. What kind of system is it where we end up only getting to drink one cup's worth? Eh? Welcome back. Thank you. Online Radio. It's been a long time, hasn't it? It has been. Shall we go for an afterparty? "Nothing good can come out of doing it with someone you don't love, but for your body only." "You'll only end up getting hurt." Sure. Who was it that thought up this "champagne call" stuff? Tell me. Ah, let's see... Who could it have been? Don't give me "who could it have been?" Well, um... Excuse me. May I join you? Well, um... Let's see... Nice to meet you. I'm Radio2XS. Hello. And may I ask what your name is? Ah, I'm Hit Music. Hit Music , huh? That's a wonderful name, isn't it? This may be rude of me, but is this your first time here? Yes. Then, so that you may relax, may I give you a psychology test? Eh? If you were to compare yourself to a vegetable, which of the following would it be? Cucumber. Tomato.

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