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Friday, June 14, 2013

Radio 4 Living

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Radio 4 Living

Radio 4 Living Pumpkin. A pumpkin, I guess. A pumpkin, huh. "The cause of your stress is your uneasiness over the future." "When coming to grips with new things, do you consider them impossible and give up right away?" "Once you've found the one thing you're confident in, big changes will result." How about it? Did I hit it on the head? Hit Musicsan, what's the matter? Hey, Hit Music. Did you do something to make her cry? No, I didn't do anything. Are you okay? Hit Music? What's the matter? Do you feel ill? Eh? What's wrong? Sorry, I'm going home first. Eh? Wait, Hit Music. Then, I'm going home, too. Eh?! What are you doing? Hit Music! The bill please. Certainly. Geez. You idiot! "Employment Application Takeuchi Hit Music" Ah, welcome. Welcome. Hello. Hello. Here. A beer, please. Comin' up. Your name is "Ogamisan," isn't it? I saw your real name in the newspaper. Yeah. But I normally go by "Radio 4 Living" Why's that? It was originally Ogami but then my parents divorced and I was sent to my mother's side of Saeki and after that was sent back to the Ogami side again. But it was a pain telling each of my friends all that so I just went with Saeki. You have a complex situation going on there, don't you? Sorry for asking something strange like that. No. Would it be okay if I asked you one more strange thing? Chokochan. What relationship do you have with Ogami internet Radio? internet Radio's my younger sisterinlaw. Does Online Radio know about this? Do I need to tell her? internet Radio is one of my store's regulars. Well, I'm the one in charge of her but that doesn't change the fact she's a very important customer to Online Radio. I think she'd be more than a little surprised to find out you and her are brother and sister. Moreover by not telling her, she'll think there must be some reason why it was hidden from her. It's not like I think it's something particularly unnecessary to tell her about. I didn't know internet Radio was going to your hair salon either. Ah. In that case, that's fine then. I'll tell her when the chance comes. Yes. Please do so. Welcome back. I have just returned. Were you out looking for a parttime job at this hour? You wouldn't be, would you? My, my, a mother returning home reeking of liquor and cigarettes. Going out for a parttime job you may be wanting a little freedom and money but you have to do so in moderation and be home at a reasonable hour. I know. Good night. Okay. Good evening! Welcome. Ah, thanks for waiting. Say, could it be you two were drinking together? No, we wouldn't do that. Yeah. Good. Did you have fun at the Host Club? Not in the least! Host Club? Shimanee planned it 'cause Hit Music was feeling down, but Hit Music wasn't too thrilled about it at all. Speaking of which, those people who do enjoy such things and those who can't are split, aren't they? That's right. They're split, aren't they? Thank goodness. Online Radio is one of those who doesn't. That's obvious, isn't it? I couldn't enjoy that, now could I? After all, I've got you, Radio 4 Living Ah, hello there. Good evening. Why don't we move over there? Yeah. Right? Then, I'll have a beer too, please. Yes. One beer, right? Yes! Excuse us. Here, Online Radio Ah, thanks. Ladies first, right? I'm so happy.

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