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Friday, June 7, 2013

RadioPalmwine Mixed Channel

RadioPalmwine Mixed Channel, RadioPalmwine Mixed Channel Listen Online, World Africa Radio, UK

Tell me. Do you like Listen Online Music? You do like her! What? I can't like her? I don't know about other people, but don't like my friend. Why? Out of all the women around you, there wasn't one that was happy. I don't want my friend to be miserable. What's the problem with me? You have met so many women until now. But with all those women, did you ever say, "I am dating this person" in public? You're quick to hide your girlfriend. You get frustrated quickly. And when women cry, you get angry. After you've had it with them, you just cut them off. When did I? I'm leaving! Hey, Min! Are you leaving? You said I was like that to other women? He left. Okay. Online Radio likes you. It seems like he is sincere. But it will be the same as the women in the past. He would hide you and enjoy it. And end it quietly like that. I'll get going now. I'm going.::, > :: nonsense? Why are you getting angry? It's because I'm envious. Anyway, I'm busy. Let's see each other next time. Ah, sorry. Should we go out to eat something? After filming this evening, can you drop me off at Rama Hotel? Today there... Now, I beg you. Stop it! What are you talking about? I'm telling you to stop. No... Now I cannot take you anymore. Say it right. What do I have to stop? What can't you endure? Do you know what people think about you? This man. That man... Ok, let's say I can understand you. But I beg you, please pay attention to what people are thinking. In the end, I can't meet you too. Seo Young Hee! You said that you and I are friends? That's a lie. Stop dreaming, RadioPalmwine Mixed Channel. I'm not your woman. Writer RadioPalmwine Mixed Channel. Yes? You do know that you have to choose your outfit for your appearance in "Love Coach" today, right? I need to go and look at the filming location. Let's meet at internet Radio boutique at o'clock. Yes, I got it. Oh! It's been a while. You're right. Sunbae, I have something to tell you. Can we meet today? What is it about? I'll explain it to you when we meet. Yes, then... Later, I need to go to internet Radio at three. Let's meet there. Sunbae! It's really been a long time. It's been a while. You said that you are doing well. You are prettier.

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