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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Radio Plymouth

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Radio Plymouth
Seriously. Have you been well? Yes, I've been well. So you quit the office and went into production? Yes. My cousin, who is the representative of a company keeps calling me to work with him. Really? Good for you. But why did you want to see me for? Sunbae, even though our company is small, the documentary that we made was not only featured worldwide, but it was also shown in Britain's BBC program. Sunbae. We would like to recruit you. Really? It's good for me but I don't know when that will be. Over here! Radio Plymouth, our company's representative. I heard a lot about you from my brother. So, I have been wanting to meet you. I am Kim Jin Young. I am Online Radio. Don't think easily. This time, I may not let you go. That's because... I think I like you. You have met too many women up until now. But for all those women, did you ever say, "I am dating this person", to anyone? You'll just meet Online Radio casually and then part so you can evade the gaze of others? And if you're caught? No. It's a misunderstanding. She's just a writer I did a program together with. Were you going to do that? It's me. What is it? Will you see me for a little while? I don't want to see you. I'm hanging up. What? You don't want to see me? You might have forgotten who I am, I'm top star Online Radio... She's driving me crazy... Radio Plymouth All right. She thinks if she drives me crazy, that I'll give up? Oh, Radio Plymouth. Look up to see what Writer Jun's schedule is like. Do it quickly now! Yes. You're in front of the boutique shop right now? Okay... Wait a minute... I'll pick you from the boutique shop. No. Don't do that and I will go there by myself in a bit. Okay? Online Radio. Stay still from now on. It's Online Radio! It's Online Radio! Tomorrow, it would be better if you break up with Radio Plymouth immediately. What? I love you, Online Radio. What? Hey! Online Radio, you... Is she busy? She would be busy. It's not easy to be on TV. Don't make it so obvious. It's very childish. A text that I said I want you to meet in the coffee shop, it's been awhile a go, why are you so late? Do you think you are a star for being on a program? Drink something. Since I have a lot of things to tell you. You know right? Even the guests need to be cautious. Hey, Online Radio! Are you listening to what I'm saying? Online Radio! I'm sorry, but... right now... I... can't hear anything. What? I'm sorry. I am really, really sorry, but... Next time... Let's talk next time. Online Radio! All right. Let's talk. It's a little... Why? It's difficult because there's lots of people to see you here? Then why are you... Where should we go? You have to be in a place that no one sees you. Your house? Your car? What? A hotel? To be in a place where we can meet, is an alcohol bar? I told you to come to my house. You thought I would be so happy? Obediently and compliantly... You thought that I would fall for the kiss and follow you wherever you go? Since I'm not as simple as you are, I am sorry. I am too old to be like that and I am associated with lots of men because of my age. And I have lots of thoughts. Say one more time that you were associated with lots of men.

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