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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Radio Redhill - 1431AM

Radio Redhill - 1431AM, Radio Redhill - 1431AM Listen Online, Radio Redhill - 1431AM Live, Varied Radio, UK

You are going to die. Even what you are saying, it's really childish and you seem young. You should be careful of that saying. I can't stand hearing that from my girl. Your girl. I am your girl? All right. Honestly, it's not bad. No, I like it. Since I am over years old, my heart beats after a long time. And I am also very grateful, because I feel like the fireworks going off at sea at night are just for me. I guess you are most certainly... a star, cause' you are a star. Then, that's it. Then, what's the problem? A date that no one else can do, do you only do it yourself? A date is something anyone can do. A dating with you is not bad, it is something I can do. However, does it have to be so noisy like this? I tried not to become a coward. You, Online Radio... I did not want to hide you. Because I like you, I love you. This is something I did with courage. It's just like drunken courage. Because of your useless courage, I am about to... I, did you even think of what I have to suffer? Let me ask you one thing. You... are you going to marry me? You aren't thinking of marriage? Well, I am a person that is over and need to consider about marriage. I need to marry someone that is not you. So noisily like this... I don't feel like dating you. Don't go. I am going to go. Just because of a kiss, did you think I would fall for you? Be at my side. I beg of you. Stay by my side. I'll think about it. I'll think about it. Don't think that I'll fall for you without even considering it. Don't bother me. I... keep wondering about Online Radio. Yes, Radio Redhill - 1431AM. Online Radio this bastard, caused trouble again. On the streets of internet Radio, he kissed Listen Online Music in front of everybody. A reporter passing by took a picture of them kissing. What? Is what you are saying true? I am going go crazy. Radio Redhill - 1431AM, talk to internet Radio. About what is happening. For right now, okay. Whether saying you will never leave, or saying I am a good person, As far as I can see, you're happy. You know you're special to me. The sight of me like this is awkward. And the plain sight of you without any dreams, as well. Every moment I'm concerned about you. Even at this very moment. You're the only one for me, Baby! You're the only one for me! Despite wanting to ask you if you know, or don't know you're special to me. You're the only one for me, Baby! You're the only one. Even today, I'm standing behind you, always with a smile. Wondering if you are eating well. Wondering where you are and what you are doing. I'm thinking of you day after day. I know you're special to me. I'm afraid of sending you away. Being at your side will be enough. I'll always watch over you. You will be able to lean on me. Online Radio lover, KBN writer? What is this! What is this?! What the? What the hell is this? Yes? We will release an official response soon. Please wait a while. If you keep calling... We can't get out of this trouble, so we can't even make up an excuse! So confidently, say that you are dating. Radio Redhill - 1431AM This Online Radio, just tell them that it's a pure love of this bastard! Hey! You have no regrets right? I did it not to regret. Oh...

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