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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Radio Reverb

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Radio Reverb Hey! To tell you the truth, you're okay. Because you have a body guard and you are a man. But Online Radio, let's see what happens to her. Because of you, what will happen to her. Don't ever regret it! Are you threaterning me?! I am just telling you about reality. Experience and suffering, why I tried my best to interrupt your love relationship?!! Why I stopped you? You will know from now on. Online Radio lover? KBC writer? Online Radio, and I... please pretend that Love Coach never happened. If we pretend that it never happened, do you have another idea? Online Radio and Online Radio kissed and made the upturned the broadcast . If we have you and Online Radio date, do you think she will survive in this world? She will have to immigrate. Hey, I thought she was only pretty, but I didn't know she had the skill to seduce men. Do you think those kind of words would come out?! Aren't you being careless because it's someone else's program? PD No, did Writer Radio Reverb go to work? For now, we will... make her just work at home. Yes? That, even though you don't tell us, we can figure it out ourselves. Let's do that. Whatever Online Radio says, I don't want chaos because of this incident. President Hwang, the fact that Jun Ju Hyun is working at a broadcasting station... Of course for Online Radio, but it won't be helpful for Writer Jun either. Aigoo, what is all this noise? Then are you saying that we have to fire Writer Jun? I don't like how the company is meddling in this case, but... I don't like the broadcast being loud either! Radio Reverb This maknae writer is just going in and out of this broadcasting station. The sponsor asked me what the concept of Love Coach would be like. When's the meeting? Writer Jun, you don't have to cast for the Love Coach. Why? How can you, Writer Jun and PD No date? Aigoo... I don't know the reason why I'm sitting here. Then what would happen to me? Can I make a comeback with "Choco Pie"? That I don't know. When the director arrives, he asked for you to come to his office. So go there. I understand. Ah, Writer Jun. I see that you were busy yesterday. I'm sorry. I did not mean to ruin it. You can't be irresponsible with what you've caused. I didn't intend to do that. I am sorry, Director. I was just... I don't need explanations, In the broadcasting scene, if you appear, it will become chaos. So just stay home... I will make sure that doesn't happen again. For "Choco Pie", I was working with Writer Park as a comain. If I just send over the script and never appear at the scene, I think there would be no problem. Director, I... When I came here, in the broadcasting station, I gave all my best. I don't think my mistake was that bad either. To get out again, I can't accept it. I know. I want to make Miss Online Radio do what you want to do, but it's not only Online Radio company. We also have our broadcasting stance. It's my job. If it's something that I must handle, I will accept it... and take responsibility. You can't not view Online Radio perspective. Online Radio doesn't want to see you working. The fact that you want to fire me, it's not about me, but Online Radio? That's not it.

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