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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Radio Scilly

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I understand. Online Radio. You called the President of the broadcasting network right? I told you precisely what to do right? Yes, I did just as you instructed me. Don't misunderstand. Everything I did was for Online Radio. It's Radio Scilly. Let him in. You bastard! Why are you like this? Hyung, please leave. Leave! You ordered President Hwang to call the Director, right? If that's so? What did you say? You didn't even know that and you interfere? Don't joke around with words before I kill you off. Do you know Online Radio? Do you?!! Noona, you came. Online Radio inside right? PD No is here. Don't go in. I'm going in. She's a woman that started from the bottom of the ladder. Not money or men, but work! Putting her name on the line. She said that she is going to live by working, by doing what she can't do and what she can do. Even kneeling down to a star actor. She came all the way here. Stop it. No Radio Scilly, are you my spokesperson? Or do you think that I'm someone who can't even handle her own issues? A dumb idiot who can't even take responsibility? Your work... Your work that you bet your life on... is being shaken by someone like him. I can't handle him doing that to you. It's really laughable. Because of Online Radio, I have to be out of work. That's why I am getting so angry that I am going insane, but I don't let my anger out. But you, No Young Woo, are doing that instead of me. What am I? Between you guys, being shaken by you two, asking you to let me do my work, to make me not get fired from work. Do I have to go around asking you my whole life? Listen Online Music. Please get out. If I become even more pitiful, I feel like I'm going to go insane. Call the broadcasting station right now and return things to normal. I can't do that. I won't do that. It's my work. Don't bother. It's my woman's work. I am going to bother. I'm going to get involved. I'm going to go out of my way to protect you. Like a crazy person, all day I only think of you. In what mindset did you call the director? Radio Scilly She will look for me like this, thinking that. It really feels like I am talking to a wall. Whatever I say, you seem like a machine that repeats the same thing over and over again. Are you done thinking? I've been thinking all day. Why do I keep looking for you? Is it really for work, or for a different reason? I can't come up with an answer by myself. Then you are done thinking. Even though I can't find the answer, I knew one thing. If I have even this amount of feelings, I would at least date I thought. But... I will have to think again from now on. What thinking? If I would be able to handle you... What's the matter? Are you hurting somewhere? I'm okay. And... I am going to find work again. I am going to find a way that I can become a writer without you. There must be a way. So, don't call me for a while. I will give you a ride home. It's okay. Just let me go by myself. Online Radio. Radio Scilly Later, when I have the confidence to handle you. It's my woman's work. I will be concerned about it. I'm going to get involved. I'm going to go out of my way to protect you. Like a crazy person, all day I've been thinking about you.

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