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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Radio Six International

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Radio Six International
That's right. If my situation becomes pitiful, my love will also become pitiful. It can't be like this, Online Radio. Let's be patient. Let's be patient. So, you're planning to leave "Choco Pie" to Writer Jun? Writer Park, please do your best at the filming set. Then, are you going to report this to the director? I'm regulating this according to my own will. PD No, your situation is not great either. Because of the casting problem, you just got out of the waiting list. I really didn't know. It's a program that Writer Jun planned and worked on. To go on without Writer Jun is discourteous. I will take care of it. In any case, I'm relying on you. It is love. It is very passionate. It is very compelling. Shut up! That must be love too. Because she can't have him, being dragged more, it is very passionate. Online Radio, get out right now. You have work to do. Do you want to rest all day at that age? Why doesn't Online Radio answer? Doesn't she want to talk to me? Oh! Noona Kkot. Online Radio is doing well right? Listen Online Music is a bit sick. Where? Her stomach is a bit upset. What? What's wrong with her stomach? I understand. Where is Online Radio? Yong Woo, where are you now? Um, can I go in somewhere and wait? Actually, right now, I'm a little sic... I heard you're sick. Where does it hurt? Let's go to the hospital together. You again. How did you know that I am here? I felt like dying because I missed you. Hurry and get in. Let's go to the hospital. You don't have to worry. I can go myself. Let's go together. There's no one that doesn't know that we are dating. What's wrong with going to the hospital together? I said that I'm okay. Let's go already. Let go. I won't let go. I said to let go. I don't want to. Hey, I said to let go a little. Are you going to let go of that hand?! Can you not worry about someone's dating life? Is it that difficult? There's a pain in your lower stomach again, right? Just go home for today. Hey, Online Radio. Online Radio! Online Radio. Just get involved in things that you can handle. What do you mean? And how did you know that Online Radio is sick? I lived with her for years. She's under pressure. Do you think there is something that I don't know about her? Do you think she hid anything from me? I don't care about your past life. Online Radio is my woman. I'll take care of her. If she's under stress, her lower stomach constantly hurts. She needs to go to the gynecologist. Is that so? Then I will go. Thinking about what people will think of you going in and out of a gynecologist's office, is this the first time? You know very well. In a case of her being sick, who would say anything? After causing chaos with a hepatitis B blood type sex scandal, a gynecologist? Can you go to the gynecologist with that woman? Do you think you can go?! Should I say one thing? Even if she goes to the gynecologist by herself, even if she goes without you, it can be easily spread over the Internet. Why? Because of you. Whether it was in the past or not, why are you being so sensitive about it? That's why your body is responding right away. Thank you.

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