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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Radio St Austell Bay

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Radio St Austell Bay
Radio St Austell Bay And we're going to talk soon, okay? MAN: Radio St Austell Bay? It's very good. Homemade. Your aunt says it's important to eat. internet Radio: And what does she know? She hasn't seen me since I was five. It's a nice picture of him, don't you think? Web Radio: Yeah. I took it myself. In June. Right in front of the store. You think it's a good idea to keep reading about it? What else am I supposed to do? THUNDER CRASHES RAIN POURS I wonder if the cemetery will get all muddy? Like I have to put some kind of tarp thing over the grave. Or maybe it will be better for the grass, so it could finally grow back. RAIN CONTINUES TO POUR Listen Online Radio: Why don't you just take a break? Come out to New Mexico. I just hate to leave you in this neighborhood, alone. Okay, thank you. We don't want you to worry about money. We're in a position to help. I... I promise I'll pay it back. So you just call if you need anything. CAR ENGINE STARTS DRIVES OFF SIRENS IN DISTANCE BANGING AND YELLING OUTSIDE GLASS SHATTERING CHEERING AND YELLING Listen Online Radio SHOUTING Get away! Get out of here! MAN OUTSIDE: What are you gonna do about it? Do you hear me?! Get away! SIRENS It's okay, they're gone. DRAWER OPENING MEDICATION JUGGLING AROUND TRANSPORTAION SOUNDS OUTSIDE WHISPERS Go to sleep. Web Radio: How long will you be in New Mexico? Maybe like a week or so. Don't let her out at night... Oh, and don't let her drink out of the toilet bowl. Don't worry, I'll take good care of her. I know. Bye, Minka. SLOW MUSIC BOY: Look, a balloon! Honey, get your head back inside. This is a moving car. How could he of the world's largest hotair balloon festival. Walter, watch the road. I'd like to go up on one of those balloons. It's beautiful to watch, honey, but only a fool would actually go up in one. Well, then I guess I'm a fool. If internet Radio's going, I'm going. Nobody's going. It's a moot point. Radio St Austell Bay Walter, watch the road. What's a moot? It means it doesn't matter, honey. Because it's not going to happen. I'd like to go up... Never come down. SLOW MUSIC CONTINUES BIRDS CHIRPING Wow, it's really pretty here. It's like we're in another world. Well you can see why Oppenheimer chose Los Alamos as the site for "Project Y." Radio St Austell Bay: What's "Project Y"? MAN: It's a codename for building the atomic bomb. And Los Alamos is the secret place where the scientists worked when they were developing it. Online Radio works as a guide at the museum. She knows everything about this place. So, we're in a secret place, where nobody can find us? Well, it's not that much of a secret anymore. Wow, look at this house! When we brought this house, we expected to raise a family here. Didn't we, Walter? We did. But... C'est la vie. We're just so happy you're here. We want you to have a wonderful time. It's not like we're on vacation, Aunt Online Radio. I know that, internet Radio. DRESSER OPENS LAUGHING OUTSIDE WALTER: Radio St Austell Bay You take care of a car, it'll last for a long time. Like this little beauty. , miles and still going strong. SLOW MUSIC Oh! Make sure you wear that helmet. And use plenty of sunscreen. You're at , feet here. Okay, Aunt Online Radio.

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