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Monday, June 10, 2013

Radio Sunderland for Hospitals

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Radio Sunderland for Hospitals

Be careful! MELLOW MUSIC INDISTINCT VOICES Ow! MORE WIND AND SOUNDS OF NATURE Daddy? SHOUTS Daddy? ECHOES CRIES Can you hear me? Can you? Radio Sunderland for Hospitals: Hey! You okay? Who, me? MAN: Yeah, you. I thought you were in trouble, the way you were calling out. internet Radio: I'm fine. What are you doing down here? Just thinking. Is there a law against that? No, no law against thinking. Except, you're alone. So, I'm alone. You're alone too. Yeah but, I mean, I've had plenty of experience. And who says I haven't? You don't know your ass from your armpit. You mean elbow, don't you? Are you always so friendly? When I feel like it. Ow. QUENCHED You're thirsty... You came into the canyon with no water? I forgot it. Here. Hey, easy, easy. You'll get sick. So, what's your name? Uh, you can call me... Radio Sunderland for Hospitals Is that a first name or a last name? Either. Let's get going. I gotta be somewhere in an hour. So, go. You're going with me. CHUCKLES Guess again. I'm not in the mood to be called up by Search and Rescue later, ok? I got other things to do. SLOW MUSIC Do you live around here? Do you live around here, Wolf? The more you talk the harder time you're going to have climbing. Radio Sunderland for Hospitals: And next time, bring some water and a friend with you. It's safer that way. I don't have any friends here. Well, maybe you should make some. So, uh... So, what's your name? You can call me... Tiger. Tiger... Is that a first or a last? Neither. SHOWER RUNNING HUMMING SLOW PIANO MUSIC And over here are duplicates of the first atomic bombs, "Fat Man" and "Little Boy". They were detonated over Japan, in August, . Now, these are the only two atomic weapons ever used in warfare. They represent one of the greatest scientific achievements of all time. And both bombs were designed, fabricated, and assembled right here in Los Alamos. They killed a lot of people, right? Yes... And in the next room... How many people did they kill? Radio Sunderland for Hospitals: It was something like ,. Okay, thank you. Sarah's dad got blown up in a war and now he has a metal brain. Uh, does anyone have any questions? Does Uncle Walter make bombs? Uncle Walter is involved in Research and Design for National Security. Really? I didn't know that. Your Uncle Walter is a group leader in W Division. W? But today's lab is equally involved in health, medicine, energy, and environmental research. CRYING HYSTERICALLY Mom? Excuse me a minute. I'll take care of this. SOBBING DOOR SQUEAKS OPEN SOFT PIANO MUSIC PLAYS internet Radio: Mom? Mom! DOOR SLOWLY SHUTS The baby looked very much like a mouse in every way. He was only about two inches high and he had a mouse's sharp nose... I can't believe you design weapons. Yeah, it's my job, internet Radio. It's your job? That's it? I do my best to help protect us. To keep us safe. We all want to be safe, don't we? Don't we? Safe? Is that a joke? Before he was many days old, he was not only looking like a mouse, but acting like one too. He was wearing a gray hat and carrying a small case... KNOCK ON DOOR, SQUEAKS OPEN Just me! Your mom loved cocoa with marshmallows when she was a little Web Radio. She was afraid of the dark.

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