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Monday, June 10, 2013

Radio Sunlight

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Radio Sunlight
Radio Sunlight So I used to tell her bedtime stories. Sometimes, I would pretend like she was my baby instead of my sister. Uhm, you know that your mom is seriously stressed and Radio Sunlight and I don't think she should leave until she's feeling better. We feel responsible for you. Now, Radio Sunlight is eager to go to school, so tomorrow I'm taking him over to Aspen. It's a very good elementary school. All of our schools are very, very good And then I'm going to take you over and register at the high school. School? No, Iuh, I'm not going to school here. internet Radio, please don't make this harder than it has to be. You've missed a lot of school already, and your mom needs time to heal. Well, how much time? Well, as long as it takes. How am I supposed to go to school here, if I don't know how long I have to stay? What does that have to do with it? Everything. It's what we're doing... Good night. DOOR SHUTS TEACHER: Okay, guys. So today we're going to talk about how this novel changed our ideas on traditional storytelling... VOICE TRAILS OFF, SIGHS TEACHER: Now, what I want you to do is think about the actions of these characters and ask yourself why. Why they made the decisions they made. Come on in. DOOR OPENS How are you doing? What do we got? We've got Radio Sunlight... Everyone calls me internet Radio. internet Radio. Sure. Welcome. So... Tony Morrison's Beloved. That's what we're reading. Have you read it? No. Alright, well we can get you a copy after class. Just do me a favor and take notes from someone who actually knows what's going on in here. I always know what's going on. But I think in this case internet Radio should go with... Online Radio. Online Radio, raise you hand for me. That would be Online Radio. Okay. Music : Alright, guys... Online Radio: Hi. That's why my parents named me Online Radio. What do you mean? You know, that whole Davis and internet Radio thing. I mean with a simple name like Online Radio, nobody's ever confused. I'm used to it. Music :...alright? We're going to go over this next week. So, where are you from anyway? Atlantic City. Oh, that's in California, right? New Jersey. Oh, New Jersey, uhm, I guess I was thinking of, uhm, Studio City. That's near L.A. Atlantic City... That's where the Miss America pageant started out, right? Right. You want some? Radio Sunlight only drinks the best vodka. No... I'm good. GUYS WHISTLING HOLLERING AT THE Web RadioS Ignore them... They're "stomps" just slightly above Neanderthal. So what division is your dad in? At the lab. My dad? Um... He's uh, away... In India right now. Oh, my dad went to India... SLOW PIANO MUSIC CANDY AND CHANGE FALLS TO THE FLOOR BOY: Hey, internet Radio. internet Radio: Ready to go? BOY: Whenever you are. internet Radio: Bye, Daddy. Alright. BOY: See you later, Mr. W. Stay off the beach... And be home by ten. Don't worry, Daddy. I mean, how can I not worry? internet Radio LAUGHS DOOR SLAMS OPEN internet Radio GASPS FOR AIR What happened? Are you okay? It's... it's probably the altitude. I mean, you're new here. internet Radio CONTINUES GASPING Hey, where are you going? Don't you have class? internet Radio: Hey! Hey! You new around here? I bet you can't tell your ass from your Radio Sunlight.

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