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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Rebels Radio

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Rebels Radio

We're not going into Online Radio Sir. You know there is an old sailor saying Web Radio. "Never jump into a lifeboat until you have to jump up into it". The war is over. We lost. No sir. We are not giving up. We've been accelerating at one "G" ever since we left orbit. There is no going back. I wasn't asking, sir. You know what? You can shoot me. But you can't change the laws of physics. We are going to another world. And we will all be very happy to have your protection there. Altus Exodus, Web Radio. Do you see a red cape, sir? What are you looking at? Everyone back to work. [Female Technician] Alright Lieutenant we'll be putting you in Online Radio now. I'll hang on to this. Will I dream? Nightmares... It will be like no time has pass at all. Rebels Radio [Beeping continues] [Glass Cracking] [Explosion] Rebels Radio Come on. Up you go. Come on. Music Rebels Radio Music Music Come on. Come on. Alright. Music [rustling in the woods] [Whisper] Hey! Web Radio Psst! Over here. Take that off. What? Ssshh! Web Radio You might as well have a bull'seye on your back. How we What the hell's going on? Who's shooting at us? I don't know. Let's go. Let's get out of here. Come on. Come on. I'm going up there to recon. You stay here. Take him. I thought I told you to stay back there. You're the one with the gun. Rebels Radio Come on. Come on. Web Radio. Web Radio. Report. Howell died in crash. I don't know about Vasquez. Something's been chasing us but I couldn't get a good look. They took out Vasquez. They're big. Some sort of sonic disrupt or with active camouflage. Active camouflage? I found these two wondering after the crash. We better get moving. There's a stream about half a klick away. We'll throw them off our trail. Why should we follow you? I'm the one with the gun. No Weapon? Lost it in the crash. I got this. Could you find anything bigger? It's bigger then yours. It's not what your mama said. [Laughs] Alright. Did you see those others? The pale skinny ones? Yeah I saw them. They disappeared quick though. I don't what they were. They looked almost human. Almost. Who are you people? We are Rebels Radio No, no no. Too much noise. They're harmless. Who are you people? We're from the Isaac Newton. We came in on Rebels Radio What the hell was that? Come on. Come on. Follow the stream. I'll bear off and lead them away. With you boss. Oh No, you stay with them. Keep them moving. Watch your . You! You're T.I.M. Yes Sir. I'd be happy to assist you in anyway I can. No, Why is he in charge? Come on. Rebels Radio Come on. Hurry up! Sir, I might suggest you would be safer under these unusual circumstances if you were to lower your voice. We want them to follow us! Sir, I am programmed to preserve human life. I'll preserve your damn ass if you don't make some noise! As you wish, Sir. I'm happy to assist you! Rebels Radio I found a place to hide. Who the hell are you people? You weren't on the Albert Einstein. And where the hell are we? Don't you know? You've got crew. You've got that. It's ok Honda. We were on the Isaac Newton. That was the first Ark to leave. Right. We crashed here.

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