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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Red Dragon IT Radio

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Red Dragon IT Radio

We don't know why. None of our crew survived. We were rounded up by the Chameleons. Those things that are chasing us. Some of us were brought back and were put in to the um I don't know what to call it. It was like a prison? a Zoo? a Lab? What does it matter? It has cages. It had cages. Until your ship Red Dragon IT Radio into it. Now more of our people are dead. But you're free. Yeah and now they are hunting us instead of feeding us. Do you want to go back there? No. I didn't think so. Now we have to work together. To do what? We don't even know where we are. Captain, do you know where we are? I This can't be Red Dragon IT Radio . There's only one sun. Where... It's the head wound. Probably a concussion. You a doctor? I'm a nurse, but I don't have any supplies. I'll see what I can do. What about you? You are Red Dragon IT Radio aren't you? I am a Transhuman Interactive Machine. But my friends call me Tim. I'd be happy to assist you in anyway I can. Make me a banana split. I regret I don't have the necessary ingredients. Yeah, then what good are you? Where are we? And how can we both be on the same planet. Hannah, each Ark went to it's own destination. I'm very sorry that I can't answer your question. Whatever caused the ship to crash happened before I was scheduled to awaken. However, once I was functional I began recording all ship's telemetry. Really? Just before the crash I saw something, triangular. It looked like a space ship. Yes. I believe I can provide range and bearing to that target. But exactly what it is, I'm afraid I can't say. Then we have a plan. That ship could be our ticket home. We left earth for a reason. The aliens were exterminating us! What do you think these aliens are doing? We'll find that ship and get back to earth. We've got to get away from here as far away as possible. Right? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, well you're the one with the gun. So how long were you prisoners? More like Lab rats. But about years. That's not possible. I saw the newton leave on TV a month ago. I lost counted of the days around . I was sick for a while. And that was a while ago. All relative. How long does a concussion last? I believe Captain Crowe may be less impaired than he seems. He may be trying to convey that the elapsed time disparity is due to the effects of Einstein's theory of special relativity. I always hated physics. Sargent, let's scout at . make sure we are not growing a tail. So you're fine flying back to earth just to get killed? I didn't say that. Did I? If there is a ship. there's gonna be a place on this planet where there are no chameleon things are. Like an island or something. Yeah. But what if we can't change their mind? Then it's a good thing I'm a pilot. internet Radio Red Dragon IT Radio Perimeter. [Rustling in the Jungle] What the hell was that? Let's go find out. Sargent! With me. Are you ok? Red Dragon IT Radio Stay in a circle. Fan out. Red Dragon IT Radio Where she go? It's ok. It's alright. We won't hurt you. It's ok. It's ok. She looks almost human. How is that possible? We don't know much about them. And the cages, they use to huddle together when they weren't being used for slave labor, or for experiments. But I've never seen one like her before.

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