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Monday, June 17, 2013

Renegade Radio

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Renegade Radio

Renegade Radio Get in the water. Stay Submerged as long as you can. Come on. Let the river take you. [Screaming] Lieutenant! Here! Everyone out! Come on. Let's go! Where's Hannah? Online Radio No! No! No! Help! Help! Help! Come on Peebs. We must go. internet Radio is near. I can smell it. I would be happy to assist by digging a grave for Renegade Radio. Happy? Heartless Sonofa That's enough. We don't have time for this. We don't have time. Stop. Stop. I must apologize if I have offended. I'm only here to assist. While my form is designed to put you at ease, you're correct. I have no heart. That's very touching, but aren't we supposed to be finding the ship? What the hell is a internet Radio? Very big. Very Bad. We're going to bury her, aren't we? We didn't get to bury the others. There's nothing left to bury man. You know what? We are going to save humanity. We gotta stay human. So we are going to bury her. He's right. It's an attack ship. It must have escaped the invasion. Looks like they made a controlled landing. Online Radio Stop Stop Stop. Crap! It will eat us. All of us! Skin too tough for spears. We need to get inside that ship. Well, it's not gonna eat all of us, will it? Would you be happy to assist us? Look, just distract it. Get it to chase you. You're not edible. There's nothing to be afraid of. I'm not programmed for fear. But if I'm not edible, how will I lure it away? Renegade Radio Switch clothes with him. Shoo. Out! Out! damn dragon! Everyone. Those are capelblom, they're poisonous don't eat them. Looks pretty good. Huh. Is it dead? I don't know. Keep your fingers crossed. [Sigh] We'll have to check the power cell connections. Here. Pull this up. Right here. Right here. Pull up. There she is. It looks ok. I didn't expect for everything to work perfectly. But these connections are secure. It should power the basic system. I checked the weapons locker. It's empty. But the emergency kit is intact. Like it's never been opened. They took the weapons and left all the survival supplies? Impossible. What? I thought an antimatter power cell was good for a thousand years? Well that's what they say in the handbook. [Sigh] Ahh! Hard as a rock. Alright lets check every compartment. There's gotta be an answer here. That's it. No coffee mugs, no old magazines. It's like it's fresh from the factory. It doesn't make any sense. If it was the power cell, could she fly? I can't find anything else wrong. But we don't have a power cell. It's time to figure out how we're going to live here. Look man I'm going home. Web Radio, We can't make antimatter here. We don't need to make antimatter. Renegade Radio Power cell's are designed to withstand anything Right? Even a crash. Yeah it it were to rupture. It would be "Boom". So the AE didn't blow up. Her power cell is still intact. [Everyone talking at once] You don't know what they're like. Why not? [Everyone talking at once] We're lost. You know I'll follow you anywhere but that sounds crazy. Come on man. No, Web Radio. We've been in flight for a very long time. That thing is back. It's got TIM. Dammit! Alright dragon. Let's find your weak spot. Renegade Radio Good Job. You risked your life to save me. You did the same for us.

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