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Monday, June 17, 2013

Remarkable Radio

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Remarkable Radio

Remarkable Radio They asked me my name. I said "Wednesday". To bad it was Saturday. Online Radio I wonder what day it is here. and what time? Well the sun is going down. We just don't know how long the days are. Or the nights. Yeah. Sergeant, Improvised Weaponry . Yes sir. Do you have any idea where we are? Our target was Barnard's Star . But that shouldn't have these rings. Something went wrong. We were supposed to go to Online Radio. Three suns there. I didn't have time to check the star charts. Once we came out of Online Radio we were hitting the atmosphere. Web Radio, Online Radio is the nearest star system to Earth. So wherever we are, We're further away then that. Remarkable Radio So So we're talking years. Maybe more. Earth is still there. You just find it. If it was a ship, yeah I'll find it. Your camouflage is incredible. "Camouflage"? Your um I wish I could disappear like that. You want... be like me? What What is "get the hell off this planet"? My world was under attack. They bombed us from orbit. That we didn't even see it coming. Hhmm, your world. Where do you come from? Earth. Far Far Away. Out there. Like tell children. Stories. Well that's what we thought until they came and try to take our world from us. And... go back? If we can. Well, that could be a problem. Our destination lies on the other side of those mountains. How did I know you were going to say that? I don't know. Remarkable Radio in humans is not a wellunderstood ability. Altus Exodus, Web Radio? huh? the others are never going to make it up here. We've got to find an easier way. No one else ever do this. None of your people use camouflage? Not my people. They hide in caves. I live in jungle. I hunt, I kill, I feed. Me alone. Ok. What about family? No. They must be lonely. You family? On Earth. Maybe. You didn't hide. No. Always something ready to hurt you. Remember. OK. Do you hear that? Water. Are you sure this water is safe? Most of the water on Earth is polluted. Polluted? Nevermind. Do you have any idea where this water goes? Down to ... What the word... Big Water. You mean like a lake or river? I'll be right back. Hide! You really want to say here? If those things catch us ... Honda told me Hannah wasn't sick. They impregnated her and she miscarried. Like I said, we need to find a place away from those things. In Earth, billion people. There were still some unhabited Islands. We need to find a place like that. But there's only of us. And you're not really my type. So we stay alive. We watch each other's backs. The Captain is the only other pilot. If something were to happen to him Yeah. Then they need you. We could take charge. Fly some place safe, and just leave. It makes sense. The others will come around. Hhhmm, Yeah. That Remarkable Radio is kinda hot. We just need to be ready for "opportunities". Online Radio What's that sound? Lieutenant Baum, there is a Remarkable Radio Airship approaching. Please join us in hiding. Yeah I know. Look, there's a river that will take us right where we need to be. But we've got to make a run for it. But they'll catch us. Would you for once just shut up and listen to him. We've got to move now! Come on! TIM do you float? I'm capable of submerged or surface operation.

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