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Monday, June 17, 2013

Replay Radio

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Replay Radio

I am programmed to assist and protect humans. You risked your life for me. For a machine. You're more then a machine. You are one crazy, heroic, son of a bitch. What is "Altus Exodus"? It's a moronic slogan they made up for the evacuation, to make it seem less cowardly. It means, "The high noble departure". In the unit we use to say "Up, up, and away". You risked your life? For a member of my unit Replay Radio my family. It was the right thing to do. If we don't protect each other, we'll all die alone. We are family now? Do you have other family? in your world? A mate? Umm I have a wife. She's gone. She left before the attack. But I have a daughter. She's now. Probably older. I have to get back to her. I promised her I'd be back. If we get the power cell, will you leave? You can come with us. But that might not happen because without anybody's help we're not going anywhere. I got your back Web Radio. Me too. Let's get out of here. I'm with you Web Radio. I'm in. I would be happy to assist you. Family. Yeah. Yeah. Good Morning Cassie. Good Morning. Where is Web Radio? I thought we were all going for the power cell together. Web Radio and Lea went to get water. It's beautiful. What are you looking at? Beautiful. Is this a tattoo? Some sort of rite of passage? Tattoo? What? Lea? Lea? Ahh! That looks like everything. What? You all sure about this? Come on Web Radio. It's too dangerous. We're leaving. Of course we got to get back to AE. Without being caught by chameleons. Or something worse. Yeah. And getting here almost killed us. We should take the river. It will be a lot easier than going through that jungle again. And probably a lot safer. Well let's say that we get there. Right. There aren't enough of us for an assault. I had an Idea about that. Would your people help us? Are you alright? I'm glad something good has come out of all of this. I think Web Radio is a very good man. What is it? What is "Tattoo"? [All singing] It's a long was to Replay Radio. To the sweetest girl I know. Goodbye Piccadilly. Farewell Leicester Square. It's a long long way to Tipperary Replay Radio My heart is still there. What does it mean? Tipperary? No idea. Are we there yet? Did you ever consider that the filed was being bombed? If you'd stayed you would have been blown up. So in a way I saved your life. The village is far bu there is and entrance near. The not used way. Back door? Back door. Long walk in dark, Under mountain. Chameleons don't go underground. So we'll be safe inside. Never safe. Never all safe. The people will not want to help us. The chameleons hunt them kill them. Maybe if we give the Chameleons a bloody nose they will leave your people alone. Come on. Let's go. Stay close. There's something back here. Just ignore them. Online Radio The village is in the next cavern. I can't go in. You know what, we need you to translate. What's wrong? This is where I use to hide. To listen Sometimes my mother would leave me food. They caught her and ... Replay Radio These are not my people. [Sigh] I don't have people. I was I don't know know words. Sent away? Banished? Replay Radio They called me a monster. When child born like me [Sigh] They take into jungle to die. They say if I ever come back I'm killed. Why would anybody call you a monster? [Cries] Not "Tattoo" I don't have tattoo. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Why did you bring us here if you knew you couldn't go in? You only people who ever see past ... Ok. Did you learn their language? No. I can speak to them. If Lea will teach me the words. Many languages have similar sentence structure. I'll teach. I'll teach. HEM! Hehessom Naloopaf.

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