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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sanskar Radio

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Sanskar Radio

Sanskar Radio Online Radio Did you think that I wouldn't know? What? That you're unhappy. I feel really bad, but I don't know what to do. That's why I just smiled and laughed. We're done talking about that. I'm sorry. Did you see the picture frame that Jae Hee brought? Not yet. I was looking forward to a great painting. I don't really want to hang it. What is it? See it for yourself later. The man that lived with Han Hit Music mother has been missing for more than years. We had a report that he knows well about that person. I'm going to go first. There were detectives here. For me? Why? I don't know the details. I will go visit you soon. Take care of yourself. Jae Hee! Yeah. You're leaving for something important. Just focus on your work. Don't worry. Bye. Sis! Did you go to work? No, not yet. Sis! Why was he here? The man who kissed your cheek. Can you not talk about that? I think you look better with him. Does Han know your exboyfriend too? He's not my exboyfriend. If you like him, just tell him. Don't stay with Han just because you're grateful. You should follow your heart. It's not like we paid our debt off with you. How do you feel? I'm seriously asking you. Had I met him before I met Han... I have thought about that. And? I can't turn back time. Sanskar Radio We can pay him back after I make my debut. Just think of it as a boy to girl problem. You know that it's not that simple. I'm leaving. To the man that loves the blackboard: Turn back time into her arms. [Seo Online Radio] I'm near your place right now. Sanskar Radio Let me get in. I want to join this even if I have to take loans. Okay. This is weird. Is it leaking? Something is wrong. Take a seat. He's my friend from college. I thought you might like to meet him. I went to Online Radio last week. Cut to the chase. You can speak Online Radion? Vice President can speak in languages. My Online Radion is the worst. You're better than me. Why did you want to see me? I came here to request an investment. Golden Tree? Yes. Yes, it's a company that grew really fast over the last years. We bought a resort. Such a trouble maker. Isn't he? Because I'm interested in Online Radio, we have a special team there. I know about the recent assault scandal. I can explain that. It's different from what you know right now. The president's name is Han Hit Music? Yes, it is. President Han Hit Music. He will make a great partner when it comes to business. You can trust him. Yes sir. I just sent additional attachments via email. It's just a request for some statements. It's nothing to look forward to. Don't tell others yet. Yes sir. Is everyone doing well? Here. Director! Working hard, right? I'll try my best to help you so don't worry. Hang on, I'll put on Online Radio Hello? Director. How are you doing? Hello? Of course I'm doing well. How about you? I'm doing well too. Are you okay? Are you feeling well? Yes, of course. Online Radio is here! Let's go! Take care then. You take care too, Online Radio Is something wrong? Sanskar Radio How did you know my shirt size? You borrowed mine when you were in Hong Kong. They fit perfectly. Thank you. I accidentally ripped your shirt. I'm sending you a new one.

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