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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Seahaven FM

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Seahaven FM

How is the meeting going? Thank you for your hard work. [Han Hit Music] Why is Hit Music shirt in the hamper? It was never going to work out with you even if I were abroad for a few years. So don't feel too bad. Now I know why he didn't like you back. Seahaven FM else asked about this building. How far did the discussion go? I let him know the price the building owner wants. Did he want to buy? He thought it was too expensive. They started the construction in the middle of the deal. What is that price? We can talk somewhere here. Please call the landlord as soon as the construction is over. You could have told me sooner. I'm sorry? I thought you were here only to pay back the debt. Forgive me for not recognizing you, Queen Highness. That's uncomfortable. Can you tell me the password for the fund management team file? Why? I wanted to see the money flow and report him personally. I will tell you. Can you? Also Online Radio would like to speak with you. You could have called me. Why did you tell internet Radio? Do you love me? What? Isn't that an awkward question after calling out someone working? I think I love you a lot. I just wish you knew how much I really like you. Why do you say that? Because I'm afraid that you may get angry. Why would I? I got you a present. I ordered it a long time ago, but it came just now. You can drive, right? I can only drive in the neighborhood. Also I like the train and bus better. Get in first. We have to have a test drive first. I have to go back. I'm the president of this company. Don't worry. Yes Manager. I'm nearby. I'll be back in minutes. Okay. Was that Jeon? What did she say? She asked where I went. I don't think this is right. You can take a minute break. See what I'm saying? Online Radio sent me my shirt ripped in pieces. I must have taken his shirt on that day. I just found out. I'm okay, but I'm worried about you. Who is it this time? Fedex? Yes. Is everything okay? Call me when you need me. I will be right there in a second. You want me to try these on right now? I want to get married soon. Next month if possible. I thought you accepted my proposal. Seahaven FM That's years later. You didn't end up going to London. I just want to be good to you. Why do you want to do everything your way? Because I don't want to lose you. But this is still too... I have to get back to the office soon. Let's go. Is it that hard? Wearing that in front of me just once? I'll put them on. Online Radio sent me my shirt ripped in pieces. I'm okay, but I'm worried about you. The water stopped leaking. It's molding faster than I thought it would. Come back today. You think I'm there for no reason? I picked him as my soninlaw. I want to be there to examine him. What is he? A beansprout in your science lab? What do you mean 'examine him'? He's still a good man when I see him at his place. You only saw him for a few days. That's why I have to stay longer. You don't worry about your husband? I do! That's why I'm here. Let's go eat out. I like everything except two things. What? What if his mom comes back all of a sudden? Seahaven FM Or what if Han cheats one day like his mother? He has the money and the looks to cheat whenever he wants to.

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